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Editors:Rogier Woltjer, Björn Johansson, Jonas Lundberg
Conference:Proceedings of the Resilience Engineering Workshop, 25–27 June, 2007, Vadstena, Sweden
Publication type: Conference proceedings
Introduction:Resilience Engineering is a new approach to safety and risk management. Whereas conventional approaches to system safety are dominated by hindsight and emphasize error tabulation and probabilistic risk analysis, Resilience Engineering emphasizes an organisations ability to adjust its functioning, prior to or following changes and disturbances, so that it can sustain operations even after a major mishap or in the presence of continuous stress.

A common description of a resilient system is a system that has:

  • the ability to respond, quickly and efficiently, to regular disturbances and threats,
  • the ability to monitor continuously for irregular disturbances and threats, and to revise the basis for monitoring when needed, and
  • the ability to anticipate future changes in the environment that may affect the system’s ability to function, and the willingness to prepare against these changes even if the outcome is uncertain.

Resilience engineering provides the methods by which a system’s resilience can be gauged or measured, and the means by which a system’s resilience can be improved. Resilience has for many decades proven to be a useful construct in analyzing the persistence, stability and flexibility of ecological systems.

The Resilience Engineering workshop is organised by the Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University. The workshop is an opportunity to discuss Resilience Engineering and its implications for research and practice in, among other disciplines, system safety, risk analysis, system design, and accident analysis.


Jonathan Back, Dominic Furniss, Ann Blandford
Cognitive Resilience
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Stéphane Deharvengt
Barriers to Regulating Resilience
[Abstract and Fulltext]

D. Delaitre, D. Nouvel, Y. Pouliquen, S. Travadel
Contribution of Resilience to the Analysis of Flight Crew Decision-Making
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Arthur Dijkstra
Cybernetics and Resilience Engineering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Dominic Furniss, Ann Blandford, Paul Curzon
Resilience in Usability Consultancy Practice
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Jonas Lundberg, Björn Johansson
Pragmatic Resilience
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jan Skriver
Trials and Tribulations: The Building of a Resilient Organization
[Abstract and Fulltext]

No. of pages:56
Series:Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
ISSN (print):1650-3686
ISSN (online):1650-3740
Publisher:Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköpings universitet

Rogier Woltjer, Björn Johansson, Jonas Lundberg (2007). Proceedings of the Resilience Engineering Workshop, 25–27 June, 2007, Vadstena, Sweden (9/17/2014)