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Authors:Christian Kowalkowski: Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden
Publication title:What Does a Service-Dominant Logic Really Mean for Manufacturing Firms?
Conference:Proceedings of the 2nd CIRP IPS2 Conference 2010; 14-15 April; Linköping; Sweden
Publication type: Abstract and Fulltext
Article No.:029
Abstract:Service infusion is a major global business trend in manufacturing industries. This means that firm strategically increase their service orientation in order to increase profit margins. In parallel to this development; the service-dominant logic has emerged as arguably the most challenging recent scholarly marketing debate. Positioning service as dominant in marketing logic clearly challenges traditional practice; given that much of marketing theory originated from a goods-dominant view. However; there are several misconceptions of what this logic means; leading to erroneous managerial implications. Therefore; the objective is to (1) explain the distinct difference between a product-service transition and a transition from goods-dominant to service-dominant logic; and (2) discuss what these transitions mean for industry and academia. For example; a transition to service-dominant logic implies much more than an increased emphasis on the firm’s product-service systems; it implies a reframing of the purpose of the firm and its collaborative role in value co-creation.
Keywords:Service-dominant logic; Service infusion; Value-in-use; Solutions
No. of pages:7
Series:Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
ISSN (print):1650-3686
ISSN (online):1650-3740
Publisher:Linköping University Electronic Press; Linköpings universitet

Christian Kowalkowski (2010). What Does a Service-Dominant Logic Really Mean for Manufacturing Firms?, Proceedings of the 2nd CIRP IPS2 Conference 2010; 14-15 April; Linköping; Sweden;article=029 (accessed 2/8/2016)