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Authors:Claudia Contreras: University of Barcelona, Spain
Publication title:Uses and Interactions: Barcelona’s Metro
Conference:Current Issues in European Cultural Studies, June 15–17, Norrköping, Sweden 2011
Publication type: Abstract and Fulltext
Article No.:059
Abstract:Ecology of the Metro implies recognition of two interventions, on one hand, contributions in terms of configuring space, management of stations and facilities, on the other, participation of those who transit and through use transform but are also transformed. The user-space interaction emerges as shaper and recipient of environments. Beyond its structures and functioning as part of the city, the Metro operates as a framework of representation, which responds to historic, economic, political and social dimensions. From a situated and interactionist perspective, this paper focuses on these interconnected aspects that result in the performance of the actors, as well as, the performance of the actors as a trigger for these processes. This is part of ethnographic work done in Barcelona’s Metro, through micro-study it attends to the relationship between social actors and space from which it underlines aspects of mobility, control, interaction and production of environments.
No. of pages:7
Series:Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
ISSN (print):1650-3686
ISSN (online):1650-3740
Publisher:Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköpings universitet

Claudia Contreras (2011). Uses and Interactions: Barcelona’s Metro, Current Issues in European Cultural Studies, June 15–17, Norrköping, Sweden 2011;article=059 (accessed 9/19/2014)