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Authors:Margrethe Aune: Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Publication title:Domestication of Technologies in Everyday Life
Conference:Proceedings of the Sustaining Everyday Life Conference: April 22–24 2009, Campus Norrköping, Sweden
Publication type: Abstract
Article No.:003
Abstract:Studies of technologies in everyday life show that the process of innovation continues after products are appropriated. Users do not relate passively to the products they buy, but may be active in both procurement and use (McCracken 1988, Keat et al. 1994, Lie and Sørensen 1996). Moreover, everyday life activities may change in relation to technologies. In analysing these socio-technical processes of everyday life, the concept of domestication has proved to be useful. Silverstone, Hirsch and Morley (1991), introduced this concept in an analysis of how media technology was integrated into the “moral economy” of a household. Domestication as a tool or a perspective has since then, been used and reshaped through empirical studies (Lie and Sørensen 1996, Berker et al. 2005).

Domestication describes the practical, symbolic and cognitive processes that take place when a product is integrated into a household. When people domesticate a technology they place it, learn to use it, fit it into their routines and give it meaning. Thus, the discussion is not about effects of technology, but of the development of different user patterns in ‘negotiation’ with the technology.

In this presentation I will discuss the concept of domestication and use empirical examples to illustrate the domestication of technologies in everyday life. I will show how a domestication perspective can be used as a concrete analytical tool as well as a more general analytical perspective in understanding the relationship between users and technologies/technological systems.

No. of pages:1
Series:Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
ISSN (print):1650-3686
ISSN (online):1650-3740
Publisher:Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköpings universitet

Margrethe Aune (2009). Domestication of Technologies in Everyday Life, Proceedings of the Sustaining Everyday Life Conference: April 22–24 2009, Campus Norrköping, Sweden;article=003 (accessed 9/22/2014)