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Authors:Bas van Heur: Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technical University Berlin, Germany
Publication title:Cultural Analysis; Urban Political Economy and Critique
Conference:Inter: A European Cultural Studies : Conference in Sweden 11-13 June 2007
Publication type: Abstract and Fulltext
Article No.:027
Abstract:The dimensions of ‘the urban’ in cultural studies remain undertheorized; even though most of the research in cultural studies focuses on cultural practices in urban environments. The focus of this article is methodological. The first section highlights the analytical and ethical concerns of cultural studies. The second section takes another look at the debate that took place between Stuart Hall and Bob Jessop in the 1980s in order to understand the methodological biases this confrontation has produced and how this inhibits a sophisticated understanding of urban complexity. The article then proceeds to discuss possible routes towards a more complex notion of the intertwinement of culture and the urban political economy. Throughout the paper; it is argued that the notion of critique remains central to cultural studies; but that there is a need to re-specify this critique in order to come to terms with the structural depth of urban spaces.
No. of pages:8
Series:Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
ISSN (print):1650-3686
ISSN (online):1650-3740
Publisher:Linköping University Electronic Press; Linköpings universitet

Bas van Heur (2007). Cultural Analysis; Urban Political Economy and Critique, Inter: A European Cultural Studies : Conference in Sweden 11-13 June 2007;article=027 (accessed 2/7/2016)