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Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics 2013; Copenhagen; Denmark; August 20; 2013
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Gustav Bellika: Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine, University Hospital of Northern Norway, Tromsø, Norway/Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway Ann Bygholm: Mette Dencker: Mariann Fossum: Gert Galster: Gunnar Hartvigsen: Medical Informatics and Telemedicine group, Department of Computer Science, University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway/Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine, University Hospital of North Norway Ole Hejlesen: Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark/Department of Health and Nursing Science, University of Agder, Norway/Department of Computer Science, University of Tromsø, Norway Daniel Karlsson: Sabine Koch: Carl-Erik Moe: Department of Information Systems, University of Agder, Kristiansand, NO
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Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
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Linköping University Electronic Press; Linköpings universitet

This year’s Scandinavia Conference on Health Informatics was made possible through a Danish initiative and the scientific committee has members from the three Scandinavian countries.

The SHI 2013 has presentations of research conducted by researchers and students in the field of health informatics; telehealth; computer sciences; information systems and healthcare sciences. Continuing education programs in health informatics in Denmark and Norway are presented; and trends and challenges are discussed. These proceedings reflect the ongoing experiences and lessons learned from various projects conducted in the Scandinavian countries. The following 16 papers and 7 abstracts contain various themes from the health care sector; and discuss a wide range of topics e.g. telehealth; medical records; personal health records; online health care communication; home monitoring services and welfare technology.

This Scandinavian conference provides a unique opportunity for researchers; students and experts from Denmark; Norway and Sweden with knowledge in the area of health informatics to come together and discuss scientific work related to ehealth; as used in the Scandinavian countries.

Copenhagen; Friday; August 16; 2013

The Scientific Committee:
Gustav Bellika; Ann Bygholm; Mette Dencker; Mariann Fossum (chair); Gert Galster; Gunnar Hartvigsen; Ole Hejlesen; Daniel Karlsson; Sabine Koch and Carl-Erik Moe

Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics 2013; Copenhagen; Denmark; August 20; 2013


Kim Normann Andersen, Jeppe Agger Nielsen, Soonhee Kim
Online Health Care Communication in Denmark: Changing the Playing Field?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kirsti E. Berntsen
Why Continuing Education in eHealth
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Andrius Budrionis, Knut Magne Augestad, Johan Gustav Bellika
Telementoring as a Service
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ann Bygholm, Ole Hejlesen, Karsten Niss
Educating Health Care Professionals Master’s Program in Health Informatics at Aalborg University
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Martin Gerdes, Dafferianto Trinugroho, Rune Fensli
Aspects of Standardisationfor Point-of-Care Solutions and Remote Home Monitoring Services
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Gunnar Hartvigsen
Ten Lessons for Successful Implementation of Telemedicine Services in North Norway
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Gunnar Hartvigsen, Johan Gustav Gustav Bellika
International Master’s Program in Telemedicine and E-health at University of Tromsø
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Anna Marie Høstgaard, Pernille Bertelsen, Lone Stub Petersen, Christian Nøhr
Constructive Technology Assessment for HIT development: Learning; feedback and user involvement
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Lisa Korsbakke Emtekær Hæsum, Lars Ehlers, Ole K Hejlesen
Is there a connection between telehomecare technology and health literacy?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Morten Hasselstrøm Jensen, Jenna Hua, Mette Dencker Johansen, Jay Han, Gnangurudasan Prakasam, Ole Hejlesen, Edmund Seto
Developing and testing a novel study design for improving hypoglycaemia detection and prediction with continuous glucose monitoring data
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Camilla Bech Jørgensen, John Hansen, Helle Spindler, Jan Jesper Andreasen, Gitte Nielsen, Birthe Dinesen
Heart Patients’ Experiences and Use of Social Media in Their Rehabilitation: A Qualitative Study
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Maria Kvist, Sumithra Velupillai
Professional Language in Swedish Radiology Reports - Characterization for Patient-Adapted Text Simplification
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mukhtiar Memon, Stefan Wagner, Finn O. Hansen, Christian F. Pedersen, Femina H. Aysha, Morten Mathissen, Claus Nielsen, Ole Langvad
Ambient Assisted Living Ecosystems of Personal Healthcare Systems; Applications; and Devices
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Judith Molka-Danielsen, Rune Werner Fensli, Carl Erik Moe
Scandinavian Approach to Assisted Living: Navigating the European Research Agenda
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Louise Pape-Haugaard, Karin Haugaard, Per Carøe, Anna Marie Høstgaard
Exploring barriers for health visitors’ adaption of the Danish Children’s Databasethrough an empirical study
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Lasse Lefevre Samson, Louise Bilenberg Pape-Haugaard, Ole K. Hejlesen
Eliciting requirements for a tablet-based data entry and reporting system for use inclinical microbiology laboratories to facilitate blood culture analysis: a case study
[Abstract and Fulltext]


Mathias Abitz Boysen, Julian Birkemose Nielsen
Data warehousing in the Danish healthcare sector
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Janne Dugstad, Hilde Eide
The Science Centre Health and Technology; a Case Study of a unique arena for progressive health care education; welfare technology and service innovation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mariann Fossum, Carl-Erik Moe
Masterand#8217;s Program in Health Informatics at University of Agder
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Edith Roth Gjevjon, Anne Moen
Exploring technologies to foster wellbeing and vitality among older people
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Anders Jansson, Marcus Vidarsson, Danny Brash
Nursesand#8217; experiences with electronic medical records
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Pernille Heyckendorff Lilholt, Morten Hasselstrøm Jensen, Ole Kristian Hejlesen
A Heuristic Evaluation of a Telehealth Solution from the Danish TeleCare North Large Scale Randomized Trial
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sumithra Velupillai, Omran Ibrahim, Maria Kvist
Functions for Personal Health Records in Sweden - Patient Perspectives
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics 2013; Copenhagen; Denmark; August 20; 2013

Gustav Bellika, Ann Bygholm, Mette Dencker, Mariann Fossum, Gert Galster, Gunnar Hartvigsen, Ole Hejlesen, Daniel Karlsson, Sabine Koch, Carl-Erik Moe
Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics 2013; Copenhagen; Denmark; August 20; 2013
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