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Resilience Engineering is a new approach to safety and risk management. Whereas conventional approaches to system safety are dominated by hindsight and emphasize error tabulation and probabilistic risk analysis; Resilience Engineering emphasizes an organisations ability to adjust its functioning; prior to or following changes and disturbances; so that it can sustain operations even after a major mishap or in the presence of continuous stress.

A common description of a resilient system is a system that has:

  • the ability to respond; quickly and efficiently; to regular disturbances and threats;
  • the ability to monitor continuously for irregular disturbances and threats; and to revise the basis for monitoring when needed; and
  • the ability to anticipate future changes in the environment that may affect the system’s ability to function; and the willingness to prepare against these changes even if the outcome is uncertain.

Resilience engineering provides the methods by which a system’s resilience can be gauged or measured; and the means by which a system’s resilience can be improved. Resilience has for many decades proven to be a useful construct in analyzing the persistence; stability and flexibility of ecological systems.

The Resilience Engineering workshop is organised by the Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory at the Department of Computer and Information Science; Linköping University. The workshop is an opportunity to discuss Resilience Engineering and its implications for research and practice in; among other disciplines; system safety; risk analysis; system design; and accident analysis.

Proceedings of the Resilience Engineering Workshop; 25-27 June; 2007; Vadstena; Sweden

Jonathan Back, Dominic Furniss, Ann Blandford
Cognitive Resilience
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Stéphane Deharvengt
Barriers to Regulating Resilience
[Abstract and Fulltext]

D. Delaitre, D. Nouvel, Y. Pouliquen, S. Travadel
Contribution of Resilience to the Analysis of Flight Crew Decision-Making
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Arthur Dijkstra
Cybernetics and Resilience Engineering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Dominic Furniss, Ann Blandford, Paul Curzon
Resilience in Usability Consultancy Practice
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jonas Lundberg, Björn Johansson
Pragmatic Resilience
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jan Skriver
Trials and Tribulations: The Building of a Resilient Organization
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Proceedings of the Resilience Engineering Workshop; 25-27 June; 2007; Vadstena; Sweden

Rogier Woltjer, Björn Johansson, Jonas Lundberg
Proceedings of the Resilience Engineering Workshop; 25-27 June; 2007; Vadstena; Sweden
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