Article | Proceedings of the 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, NoDaLiDa, 22-24 May 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden | Proceedings of the 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, NoDaLiDa, 22-24 May 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden Link�ping University Electronic Press Conference Proceedings
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Proceedings of the 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, NoDaLiDa, 22-24 May 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden
Jörg Tiederman: University of Helsinki, Finland
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Proceedings of the 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, NoDaLiDa, 22-24 May 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden
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On behalf of the program committee, I am pleased to welcome you to the 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (NoDaLiDa 2017), held at theWallenberg Conference Center in the beautiful city of Gothenburg in Sweden, on May 22–24, 2017. The proceedings are published as part of the NEALT Proceedings Series by Linköping University Electronic Press and they will also be available from the ACL Anthology together with the proceedings of the co-located workshops. The NoDaLiDa conference has been organized bi-annually since 1977 and returns to this anniversary event after 40 years back to Gothenburg, where it started as a friendly gathering to discuss on-going research in the field of computational linguistics in the Nordic countries. The Northern European Association for Language Technology (NEALT) was founded later in 2006, which is now responsible for organizing NoDaLiDa among other events in the Nordic countries, the Baltic states and Northwest Russia. Since the early days, NoDaLiDa has grown into a recognized international conference and the tradition continues with the program of this year’s conference. It is a great honor for me to serve as the general chair of NoDaLiDa 2017 and I am grateful for all the support during the progress.

Before diving deeper into the acknowledgements, please, let me first briefly introduce the setup of the conference. Similar to the last edition, we included different paper categories to be presented: Regular long papers, student papers, short papers and system demonstration papers. Regular papers are presented orally during the conference and short papers received a slot in one of the two poster sessions. System demonstrations are given at the same time as the posters. We selected two student papers for an oral presentation and three student papers for poster presentations. In total, we received 78 submissions and accepted 49. The submissions included 32 regular papers (21 accepted, 65.6% acceptance rate), 8 student papers (5 accepted, 62.5% acceptance rate), 27 short papers (12 accepted, 44.4% acceptance rate) and 11 system demonstration papers (which we accepted all).

In addition to the submitted papers, NoDaLiDa 2017 also features invited keynote speakers – three distinguished international researchers: Kyunghyun Cho from New York University, Sharon Goldwater from the University of Edinburgh and Rada Mihalcea from the University of Michigan. We are excited about their contributions and grateful for their participation in the conference.

Furthermore, four workshops are connected to NoDaLiDa 2017: The First Workshop on Universal Dependencies (UDW 2017), the Joint 6th Workshop on NLP for CALL and 2nd Workshop on NLP for Research on Language Acquisition (NLP4CALL & LA), the Workshop on Processing Historical Language and theWorkshop on Constraint Grammar - Methods, Tools, and Applications. We would like to thank the workshop organizers for their efforts in making these events happen enriching the whole conference and its scientific coverage.

Finally, I would also like to thank the entire team behind the conference. Organizing such an event is a complex process and would not be possible without the help of many people. I would like to thank all members of the program committee, especially Be´ata Megyesi for a smooth transition from the previous NoDaLiDa and all her valuable input coming from the organization of that event, Inguna Skadin¸a for taking care of the submission system EasyChair, Lilja Øvrelid for the publicity and calls that we need to send out. My greatest relieve from organisational pain came from the professional local committee in Gothenburg. It is a pleasure to work together with their team and without the hard work of the local organizers we could not run the event in any way. Thank you very much and especially thanks to Nina Tahmasebi for leading the local team. All names are properly listed below and I am grateful to all of you and your efforts. I would also like to acknowledge the large number of reviewers and sub-reviewers for their assessment of the submissions, NEALT for backing up the conference, Link¨oping University Press for publishing the proceedings as well as people behind the ACL Anthology for offering the space for storing our publications. And, last but not least, I would also thank our sponsors for all the financial support, which really helped us to organize a pleasant and affordable meeting.

With all of these acknowledgments, and with my apologies for forgetting to mention many names that should be listed here, I would like to wish you all, once again, a fruitful conference and a nice stay in Gothenburg. And I wish you a lot of pleasure with reading the contributions in this volume especially if you, for whatever reason, happen to read this welcome address after the conference has already ended.

Jörg Tiedemann (general chair of NoDaLiDa 2017)

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Proceedings of the 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, NoDaLiDa, 22-24 May 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden

Jörg Tiederman
Proceedings of the 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, NoDaLiDa, 22-24 May 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden
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