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Proceedings of SIGRAD 2015, June 1st and 2nd, Stockholm, Sweden
Christopher E. Peters: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Lars Kjelldahl: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
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Proceedings of SIGRAD 2015, June 1st and 2nd, Stockholm, Sweden
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Welcome to SIGRAD 2015 –

the annual meeting of the Swedish Computer Graphics Association (SIGRAD) – taking place in 2015 at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The association’s mission is to be a meeting point for researchers and industry professionals who are interested in computer graphics and adjacent areas, such as visualization and human-computer interaction (HCI). In recent years, the association’s activities were focused on the organization of the annual conference, which attracts a growing number of participants. The rapid development of computer graphics technologies and the acknowledged need for visual computing solutions has led to a growing interest in graphical computing in both commercial and academic areas. Started in Sweden in 1976, SIGRAD has become an annual appointment for the Nordic community of graphics and visual computing experts with a broad range of backgrounds. Through more than three decades, SIGRAD has offered a forum to present and disseminate new technological results, new paradigms and new visions advancing the state-of-the-art of visual computing.

SIGRAD 2015 offers a scientific program representing a cross-section of research in a multitude of domains related to visualization and human computer interaction. In addition to the regular submissions concerning general computer graphics practices, this year’s conference also investigates synergies between industry, pedagogical practitioners and academic researchers through a series of presentations, keynote speeches and special sessions. The selection of 18 papers presented at the conference come from researchers in 6 different countries. These papers range from those concerning general computer graphics practices to a subset examining innovative pedagogical practices that may benefit from the use of visualizations and game technologies. The extended participation of students at all levels of academia in research has been encouraged this year through the organisation of a special session involving 7 papers that have been first-authored by students studying at Master’s Degree level. Peer reviewing was conducted by a highly qualified Program Committee consisting of 24 reviewers from 7 different countries. Each paper was reviewed, on average, by three reviewers from the committee, with the majority of papers receiving four reviews.

We especially welcome our invited speakers: Tino Weinkauf (Professor of Visualization at KTH) giving a keynote entitled “Flow maps - Benefits, Problems, Future Research”. John Fuller (Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios) who gives a keynote entitled “In Pursuit Of Reality. How procedural approaches lead to emergent behaviour and increased immersion”. And Tommy Palm (CEO of Resolution Games) who gives a keynote entitled “News from the trenches. The frontier of VR games in 2015”.

Finally, we wish to thank Björn Thuresson and Henrik Edlund at the Visualisation (VIC) Studio, KTH for their great efforts and generous support in helping to organise and host the event. The SIGRAD 2015 organisers

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Proceedings of SIGRAD 2015, June 1st and 2nd, Stockholm, Sweden

Christopher E. Peters, Lars Kjelldahl
Proceedings of SIGRAD 2015, June 1st and 2nd, Stockholm, Sweden
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