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Author Vadim Engelson
Article title: Integration of Collision Detection with the Multibody System Library in Modelica
Publ. type: Article
Volume: 5
Article No: 10
Language: English
Abstract [en]: Collision detection and response is one of the most difficult areas in simulation of multibody systems. Two known approaches, the impulse-based method and the force-based (penalty) method, can be applied for multibody simulation in Modelica. The impulse-based method requires instantaneous modification of some variables, but such modification is not always possible in Modelica. The force-based method leads to stiff ODE, which can be handled by solvers used with Modelica. We suggest a new way to express the penalty coefficients. The force-based method, however, requires computation of penetration depth which is time-consuming.

We also suggest a method that combines the distance between bodies and the penetration depth into a single quantity used for force computation.

Calling external functions is a preferable method integrate collision detection algorithms with practical physical models, since body geometry is stored externally. We describe an interface with collision detection tool SOLID.

Publisher: LINKÖPING University Electronic Press
Year: 2000
Available: 2000-12-05
No. of pages: 45
Series: LINKÖPING Electronic Articles in Computer and Information Science
ISSN: 1401-9841

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