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Author: Anke Kölzer
Article title: Universal Dialogue Specification for Conversational Systems
Publ. type: Article
Volume: 4
Article No: 28
Language: English
Abstract [en]: Spoken Language Dialogue Systems which allow for spontaneous speech are not very widely spread. You find a few systems in application domains such as train time-table information or flight ticket reservation (see Bernsen et al. (1998) for an overview). One reason for the lack of good interactive dialogue systems is their complexity. To develop a system which is able to handle more than simple commands and phrases requires a lot of experience and time. For every application domain different kinds of knowledge bases have to be specified. To be able to accelerate this process and to make it also transparent for non-experts we are currently working on methods and tools which support this development. Our aim is to provide specification models which are universal enough to be interpreted within different dialogue systems, i.e. different implementations of generic conversational systems. With the help of special design methods and a uniform representation of data the tools will allow a consistent specification of dialogue systems and a transformation between different models.
Publisher: Linköping University Electronic Press
Year: 1999
Available: 1999-12-30
No. of pages: 8
Series: Linköping Electronic Articles in Computer and Information Science
ISSN: 1401-9841

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