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Author: Martin Sköld
Article title: QDB - A Query Processor for High Performance, Parallel Data Server NDB Cluster
Publ. type: Article
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Article No: 2
Language: English
Abstract [en]: This report describes a query language front-end developed for the data server NDB Cluster. NDB Cluster is a high-performance, parallel data server that is being developed by Ericsson for telecom applications. The query processor QDB is an extension of the AMOS DBMS with an interface to NDB Cluster. The query language of AMOS, AMOSQL, supports an Object-Relational data model and makes it possible to support both a relational model of data in NDB Cluster, as well as an Object-Oriented (OO) data model. NDB Cluster supports a flat relational data model and QDB supports transparent translation of OO queries to flat relations. QDB utilizes the foreign function mechanism of AMOS which makes it possible to integrate foreign data sources transparently and with an extensible query optimizer. The report describes the translation process, query processing and optimization of QDB queries, and details about the interface between the systems.
Publisher: Linköping University Electronic Press
Year: 1999
Available: 1999-04-07
No. of pages: 27
Series: Linköping Electronic Articles in Computer and Information Science
ISSN: 1401-9841

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