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Search in the Solder’s Register

The database has 10 searchable fields. It is possible to combine several fields at the same time when searching in order to get more secure and fewer hits. Therefore try to define a search by using several fields. All records are listed in alphabetical order after the soldier’s name. The hit list is visible below the search boxes. Clear the fields by clicking the button Clear. Click on a row in the hit list to show a full record with additional information about the soldier.

Note that this database only shows a limited number of fields and information about the soldier. There is likely more information about the soldier and his family. Contact the register who has registered the data about the soldier. The contact information is displayed below the information about the solider.

Send questions regarding the contents in the database, why no records is found etc. to Centrala Soldatregistret, soldat@soldatreg.se not to Linköping University.

Soldier’s Name

The soldier’s fore names and family names are registered in the same field in the order family name fore name without a space between the fore and family names. Do not write a comma between the names. Search either for the family name or the fore name or both at the same time if the complete name is known. Example: abbore johan. The system is not sensitive to lower or upper case.

Fields are automatically truncated i.e. if one searches for a certain name, one can search for part of the name: Example: If one search “Holm” all records containing the fragment “Holm” will be displayed e.g. Holmgren, Holmkvist, Söderholm, Cederholm etc.

Family Name

The family name is the soldier’s patronymic i.e. the name the soldier had before he got his soldier’s name. The field only contains the family name.

Birth and Death Dates

Search for year, month and day (18780912) alternatively only year or year and month.

Enlisted and Discharged Dates

Search for the year. When the full record is shown only the year is visible.

Regiment and Company

These two fields have also automatic truncation. Avoid searching for words which can be part of several combinations. This will only slow down the search. Try to give as exact search word as possible. The name on the company is registered according to C L Grill’s spelling and terms.


The name of the file is registered with modern Swedish spelling if the spelling is different from C G Grill’s spelling. The field is automatically truncated.


The parish name is also registered with modern Swedish spelling. The field is automatically truncated.

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Last updated: 2016-02-18