Göm menyn

Open Access Longitudinal Databases

The databases LiU E-Press are publishing are mainly longitudinal databases for research. Other types of research databases are available and could be connected to a Ph.D. Thesis or an article published at LiU E-Press homepage.

Database of Fines, Linköping and Norrköping

Göta and Trollhätte Canal Bibliographic Database

Soldier's Register (Centrala Soldatregistret)

Hospital Records for the County Hospital of Östergötland

Medical History Database

Mine Workers’ Court Records for Åtvidaberg, Östergötland

Norrköping's Police Authority Database

Prison Records of Linköping’s Remand Prison, Norrköping’s Prison and Spinning House

For information about how we can help you with publishing your database, please contact Peter Berkesand.

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Last updated: 2017-02-21