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LiU affiliated Yong Zhong, Staffan Lundemo and Edwin Jager
Development of polypyrrole based solid state on-chip microactuators using photolithography
Altmetric usage: 1

Smart materials and structures (Print), 2018, 27( 7).


LiU affiliated Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Babak Rezaei, Ahmad Mousavi Shoushtari, Mohammad Rabiee, Lokman Uzun, Anthony Turner and Wing Cheung Mak
LiU affiliated Kitt Cheung, Kwok Kei Lai and Wing Cheung Mak
Fabrication of Protein Microparticles and Microcapsules with Biomolecular Tools
Zeitschrift fur physikalische Chemie (Munchen. 1991), 2018, 232( 5-6), 759-771.


LiU affiliated Yong Zhong, Giao T. M. Nguyen, Cedric Nesse, Frederic Vida and Edwin Jager
LiU affiliated M. F. Santangelo, S. Libertino, Anthony Turner, Daniel Filippini and Wing Cheung Mak
Integrating printed microfluidics with silicon photomultipliers for miniaturised and highly sensitive ATP bioluminescence detection
Altmetric usage: 5

Biosensors & bioelectronics, 2018, 99, 464-470.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1 


LiU affiliated Jose Gabriel Martinez, Klaus Richter, Nils-Krister Persson and Edwin Jager
Investigation of electrically conducting yarns for use in textile actuators
Altmetric usage: 4

Smart materials and structures (Print), 2018, 27( 7).


LiU affiliated Yu Liu, Anthony Turner, Maojun Zhao and Wing Cheung Mak
Processable enzyme-hybrid conductive polymer composites for electrochemical biosensing
Altmetric usage: 2

Biosensors & bioelectronics, 2018, 100, 374-381.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4 


LiU affiliated Edwin Jager, Anne Ladegaard-Skov, Toribio Otero and Claire Jean-Mistral
Progress in electromechanically active polymers: selected papers from EuroEAP 2017
Altmetric usage: 2

Smart materials and structures (Print), 2018, 27( 7).


LiU affiliated Na N. Guan, Nimish Sharma, Katarina Hallén‐Grufman, Edwin W. H. Jager and Karl Svennersten
The role of ATP signalling in response to mechanical stimulation studied in T24 cells using new microphysiological tools
Altmetric usage: 3

Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (Print), 2018, 22( 4), 2319-2328.


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