What is Electronic Publishing?

The goal of Linköping University's Electronic Press is to make information more easily available. Information can be educational material, results from academic research or collections of historical photographs and data, as a few examples. To make this information as widely accessible as possible, it is published "electronically" or in other words, via the internet. In this way anyone in the world with a computer and internet access can obtain the information, whenever they like, cost free.

To date, we focus on publishing Ph.D. theses, Licentiate theses and Undergraduate theses. In fact, it is the desire of the Principal of LiU that all of these theses produced at Linköping University be published electronically. Apart from theses, we also publish Journals, Series of related monographs, sound files, videos and databases containing various kinds of information (for example historical information, research results, photographs etc.). Plans for the future include publishing pre-prints and post-prints of research articles and teaching material such as course textbooks and compendia.

The process of electronically publishing with LiU's Electronic Press is very simple for an author. Authors must sign a Publishing Agreement, allowing their work to be made available on the internet. After this, an author, either via the internet or by contact with personnel at Electronic Press, supplies background information about the work (authors' names, subject area, examiner's name (if the work is a thesis), etc.) and a PDF or PostScript file containing the document. We look after the rest. After a short period of time the work can be found using search engines such as Google (as well, of course by electronic catalogues accessible from LiU's main home page) and is available for anyone to read or download from anywhere in the world. With only a small amount of effort by an author, her/his work is made available to a worldwide audience.

The advantages of Electronic Publishing are numerous. A partial list includes: