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Publishing Ph.D. or Licentiate Theses

Linköping University allows two kinds of theses:

  • Monographs which are published in full, or
  • introductions/summaries plus a collection of published articles, for which LiU E-Press publishes the summary only and makes a link to each article (if published electronically). We do not publish the articles only the bibliographic information about the article and a persistent link to the full text, if available electronically on internet, and a link back to the thesis. See this thesis as an example. Note that manuscript, included in the thesis, with the status Submitted or Accepted is not register in DiVA and linked to the thesis. When the manuscript is published i a journal, contact us with information about the journal, volume, issue etc. and we will register the article for you and link it to the thesis.

Create Spikblad

You can create a Spikblad for your Thesis via our service Create Spikblad. The thesis must be registered and published. LiU E-Press checks that all required information to create a Spikblad is filled in and correct. When the thesis is published online go to the page Create "Spikblad" and follow the instructions.

Publish your thesis electronically

We take care of the publishing process of your thesis. As an author you only have to sign and send us a publishing agreement which can be downloaded via the link below (pdf file):


Fill in directly on the screen, print out, sign and send the agreement via the ordinary mail or scan the agreement and e-mail it to us ep@ep.liu.se.

All licentiate and doctoral theses published in DiVA are available from the search page.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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