Create Publication Lists from DiVA

Automatically Generated Publication Lists for Researchers on E-Press' pages

A function on E-Press allows researchers to create links from their own personal web pages in order to automatically narrated their current publication list. In the list authors’ names (LiU researchers) are linked to further publication lists, the title is linked to the full-record in DiVA, a pdf symbol appears for parallel published material and ISI citations are given when there are some (the citation number links to a list of citing articles in ISI).

The basic form of the link is: where the last 7 characters (carfr04) are replaced by your own LiUID.

It is possible to do some fine tuning of the publication list. For example, if you only want publications from the last 2 years, use:;years2 (the last “2” can be replaced by the length of time you are interested in).

If you want a publication for a group of people use:;annbj94) where one can list as many LiUIDs as you like within the brackets. Again, adding “;years2” to the end will limit the year range.

For those at HU, who wish to check that your affiliation is correct for each of your publications, add “;affil”:;affil For each publication you see what is filled in for your subdepartment, department, faculty, LiO clinic and LiO centre.

Create Publication Lists from DiVA with Parameters

It is also possible to create links by feeds using parameters for e.g. statistics, controls of different kinds or as a link from a homepage where the result is shown in DiVA. The different parameters are available on the page creating feeds.

Create a list with an authors publications by using LiU-ID:[[]]&aq2=[[]]&af=[]&searchType=SIMPLE&query=carfr04

As above but with two authors publications:[[]]&aq2=[[]]&af=[]&searchType=SIMPLE&query=(carfr04+OR+annbj94)

As above but with more than two authors. The link lists all publication for four authors: OR (lenti27 OR annbe53 OR petbe18))

List all published articles in journals for a certain department:

List all published publications for a certain subdepartment on a department:

As above but between years:

List all journal articles published on a subdepartment on a department:

List all articles in journals without the coupling to closed subdepartment(s) (2201=subdepartment Nationalekonomi at IEI, &pred=false removes the coupling):

List all student theses for a subdepartment on a department:

List student theses within the subject Transportation Systems Engineering for the Deptartment of Science and Technology between 2012 and 2013:

List all student theses a certan researcher has been supervisor for (Note: if there are two Anna Johansson at the department all post for both are listed, avoid the combination of fore names and family names, use only unique family names):

Create links from DiVA by form

Another way of creating links from DiVA is with the help of the form create link feeds. Choose in the form which parameters to include i the search. Click on the button Create URL. A link is shown in a new window.

Above link lists all Doctoral theses (Comprehensive summary) for 2010 sort on name with 500 as maximal hits with the format CSV 1 (see more about CSV format below). click on the link in order to save as a comma separated text file in CSV format. The file can then be imported in Excel, in a database or in some other program which can handle the format.

With this function it is very simple to export data from DiVA for further adaption in programs for validation of e.g. the number of publications, by department etc.

CSV format
CSV Field
CSV 1 recordID, publication type, contents, language, title, year, project, date, series, ISSN (series), ISBN, keywords, subject, host publication, PMID (columns)
CSV 2 recordID, author, author number (order), departmnent code (internal), research group (one author by row)
CSV 3 recordID, all authors
CSV 4 recordID, last authro, department code (internal), research group
CSV 5 redordID, title, year, journal, ISSN, volume, issue, author, department
CSV 6 all meta data (bibliographic information)