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Create Publication Lists from DiVA

Here you can quickly and easily create an interactive publication list by filling in your LiU ID in the box below. Click the headers below the box to display explanations and instructions.

Fill in Your LiU-ID:

The figure below explains the functionality and the links

The image shows an example of a publication list. Six parts are described. 1. Link to an interactive map, which shows the author’s international collaborations. 2. The title links to the corresponding file i DiVA. 3. Clickable names links to that LiU researcher’s publication list. 4.The number of ciatations in ISI:s citation dababase is shown here. Follow the link to list the citations. 5. If full text is available in DiVA there is a link here for direct download. 6. This Altmetrics image shows the citations in Wikipedia and social networks. Click on the image for further information and links to the ciations.

It is possible to fine-tune the publishing list in various ways:

When you have made a search in DiVA (simple or advanced), you can save a link to the result list. Just click on ”Link to result list” and copy the link (see figure below). The link can then be adjusted retrospectively.

To create more advanced lists from DiVA you can use the form create feeds. In the form, choose in the form which parameters to include i the search. Click on the button Create Link. The ink is shown in the box Feed link.


The above link lists all Doctoral theses (Comprehensive summary) for 2010 sort on name with 500 as maximal hits with the format CSV 1 (see more about CSV format below). Click on the link in order to save as a comma separated text file in CSV format. The file can then be imported in Excel, in a database or in some other program which can handle the CSV format.

With this function it is very simple to export data from DiVA for further adaption in programs for validation of e.g. the number of publications, by department etc.

CSV format



CSV 1 recordID, publication type, contents, language, title, year, project, date, series, ISSN (series), ISBN, keywords, subject, host publication, PMID (columns)
CSV 2 recordID, author, author number (order), department code (internal), research group (one author by row)
CSV 3 recordID, all authors
CSV 4 recordID, last author, department code (internal), research group
CSV 5 redordID, title, year, journal, ISSN, volume, issue, author, department
CSV all metadata all meta data (bibliographic information)
CSV all metadata version 2
all meta data (bibliographic information) but with extended contents than CSV all metadata above

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