How to Parallel or Post-Print Publish at LiU E-Press

HTML Parallel publishing (which is also known as green open access, post-print publishing or self-archiving) is a technique for making published research articles available HTML Open Access (and hence increasing the work's visibility, citations and impact significantly) and is one technique for meeting the new requirements from VR (and other funding agencies) about Open Access publishing.

The vast majority of publishers and journals allow authors to parallel publish a version of their articles on a university website. There are varying rules about required copyright statements and embargo periods (some publishers do not allow the parallel published version to be freely accessible until a number of months after the original publication appears at the journal's website). Embargo periods do cause problems with meeting VR's rules on open access. The latter allows a maximum of a 6 month embargo, while some publishers (e.g. Sage, Taylor and Francis) have a minimum of 12 months.

At LiU E-Press we are aware that researchers have little time to dedicate to following the rules related to parallel publishing and as such we offer a service where we take care of all of the details of parallel publishing for you. What we do require is for you send a copy of your last version of the article, the one just before the publisher started any formating, to us. We will check the rules and embargo periods for the journal in which your article was published.

E-Press has developed an automated system which checks ISI's Web of Science each week to determine when there are new publications from Linköping University. If it is possible to parallel publish an article, an email is sent to the Linköping authors with instructions on how to proceed.

If you have an article you would like to parallel publish and have not been contacted by us, then E-Mail email us and we will determine whether it is possible. In most cases you will have to send us your last draft of the article. The rest we will take care of for you.