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Parallel Publishing

Parallel publishing means that a publication first published by a publisher/journal is made freely available in an open archive.

Parallel publishing is often very beneficial to the researcher, as the research becomes visible and can be read also without a subscription. We therefore recommend parallel publishing.

The terms for parallel publishing vary according to archives. For example, the embargo period for parallel publishing is usually longer for Research Gate/Academia than for DiVA.

We Parallel Publish for You in DiVA

  1. Send your last manuscript (the so called post print) to ep@ep.liu.se. This is the last version before publisher's formatting. Do not upload the file in DiVA yourself!
  2. We investigate the terms of parallel publishing, upload the file in DiVA, and make it freely available after any embarkation time in accordance with the publisher's rules.

Responsible for this page: Peter Berkesand
Last updated: 8/3/2018