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Parallel Publishing

Parallel publishing means that a publication first published by a publisher/journal is made freely available in an open archive.

Parallel publishing is often very beneficial to the researcher, as the research becomes visible and can be read also without a subscription. We therefore recommend parallel publishing.

The terms for parallel publishing vary according to archives. For example, the embargo period for parallel publishing is usually longer for Research Gate/Academia than for DiVA.

We Parallel Publish for You in DiVA

  1. Send your last manuscript (the so called post print) to ep@ep.liu.se. This is the last version before publisher's formatting. Do not upload the file in DiVA yourself!
  2. We examine the terms for parallel publishing, archive the post-print pending the end of the embargo period, and then publish it in DiVA for you.

Responsible for this page: Peter Berkesand
Last updated: 2017-02-21