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Parallel Publishing in DiVA

Parallel publishing, also called Post-Print Publishing, Self-archiving or Green Open Access, means to make a refereed and published article in a scientific journal, freely available in full text on the Internet by publish a version of the article which is permissible by the publisher/journal in the university institutional repository. The process is also called HTML Open Access Publishing with the different that the article is not publish in an Open Access journal.

We Take Care of the Parallel Publishing Process

  1. Do not upload the pdf file (the full text) of the article in DiVA.
  2. Instead, send the latest version of the article which was sent to the publisher and accepted for publishing, before the publisher/journal started the formatting of the article. This version does not have the journal’s/publisher’s formatting, page numbering and logo type but the contents is exactly the same as in the published version. Do not forget to include possibly occuring figures, tables etc. in the article.
  3. LiU E-Press checks the publisher’s/journal’s publishing conditions for parallel publishing in Sherpa/Romeo.
  4. All parallel published articles are provided with a title page with complete references to the original published version of the article.
  5. If the article is a conference article and will be published in a conference proceeding, wait with parallel publishing the article until the complete proceeding is published. Because most of the publisher require that the title page contains complete references to the publisher with, for example, the correct name of the proceeding, DOI ling, ISBN, page interval and, if available, the proceeding editors. This information will not be available until the complete proceeding is published.
  6. Send the article for parallel publishing in pdf format to E-mail logo ep@ep.liu.se.

Responsible for this page: Peter Berkesand
Last updated: 2017-02-21