Publish a Conference Proceedings

LiU E-Press offers two possible ways of handling the publishing:
  1. Only publish the conference electronically, the same day the conference takes place or on a specific date after the conference.
  2. Publish both electronically and as paper copies. (If you choose paper copies LiU E-Press can help you out with the layout and printing work through our co-operation with the printing office LiU-Tryck.)

All articles, published in the series Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings, must be peer reviewed by at least two anonymous researchers. We publish full scientific articles either as a complete proceeding and/or as separate article put together as a proceeding, where each article has its own permanent link.

E-Post Contact LiU E-Press in due time before the conference takes place. LiU E-Press must have all the information about the conference and files in due time before the conference. A contact person should be designated who will be responsible for delivering the files to LiU E-Press. We need a list of the order in which the proceedings are going to be presented in order to create the electronic version for the Internet.
  Each author has to sign a PDF-fil publishing agreement before we can publish the conference article. Send a copy of the agreement to LiU E-Press. The contact person may also deliver the agreement at the conference for signing and send the agreement back to LiU E-Press.

Publish a Conference Article

To publish a conference article you may

E-Post Contact us for more details.