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What We Can Do for You


At present, Linköping University's Electronic Press publishes Ph.D. theses, Licentiate theses, Undergraduate theses, Conference proceedings, Monograph series, Journals and Databases. For any of the theses, you, as the author, supply (either directly on the internet or to personnel at E-Press) background information (author's name, relevant dates, examinanor's name, supervisor's name, etc.) and the document (as a PDF or PostScript file). For theses which are a collection of published articles, we publish the thesis summary and make links to the articles (assuming they are available over the internet). After a short period of time, the thesis can be found through the library catalogue system, through E-Press’ electronic catalogue and more widely via internet search engines (e.g. Google). You retain the copyright and the document is accessible, free of charge worldwide (Open Access). For Ph.D. theses, since the time right around your defence (examination) is rather hectic, it is usually best for you as the author to indicate to us at E-Press that you want your thesis electronically published at the same time that you submit it for examination. We can then take care of everything, since we can obtain your PDF file from the printers directly. See this example of an electronic published thesis.

Conference Proceedings

If you are involved in the organization of a conference we can help by publishing the proceedings electronically. This can be done so that the proceedings are available from the beginning of the conference (of course this entails that the articles have been collected, refereed, checked etc. in good time prior to the conference date). We can also arrange to have CDs created with a conference's programme and abstracts (and/or full articles, if available) and together with the University printer, LiU-Tryck, help with the layout and production of paper versions of proceedings. A conference proceeding as an example.

Journals or Monograph Series

If you wish to publish in a Journal or Series that already exists, contact the Chief Editor for the respective Journal or Series. For those of you who would like to start your own Journal or Series, LiU Electronic Press can provide you with the technical support that you need. For more information contact Peter Berkesand. This is an exampel of a electronic journal.


In cooperation with ArkivData in Norrköping has LiU E-Press completed several database projects containing historical material. The databases are now published with a short description of the material, transcription information etc. If you have a collection of data (including photographs even) that would benefit from being widely searchable and available, then contact Peter Berkesand.

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