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What is DiVA?

DiVA (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet) is the publication database at LiU for electronic registering of research publications and student theses written by researchers, teachers and students working at LiU. Bibliographic information about publications is registered in DiVA and, if there are no copyright infringements, the full text can be added.

The Purpose of DiVA

DiVA is a digital archive for long-term preservation of research publications and student theses with the purpose to:

  • effectively spread LiU's research,
  • make the researchers and the students publications visible and available,
  • offer a collective tool for the university's publications,
  • use for annual reports, statistics and quantitative studies of scientific material, bibliometrics,
  • secure the access of LiU's publications,
  • show the general public how LiU's resources are used.

About Diva

DiVA began its development in 2000 at the Electronic Publishing Centre (EPC) at Uppsala University. DiVA is run as a syndicate with, with a growing number of members, who share and finance the system. The development of DiVA is going on continuously in co-operation with EPC and the members have two annual meetings every year for discussion of further development and improvements of the system. All universities and publicly financed research institutions both in Sweden and abroad are welcome to join DiVA in its co-operative effort.

The DiVA portal is a common search tool for all members of DiVA.

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Last updated: 8/3/2018