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Digital storage of research data

In addition to publications, a wealth of research data is created during the research process. Several journals and funding agencies require that researchers make their research data available online. Linköping University Electronic Press (E-Press) offers researchers at Linköping University storage of research data via our publishing system DiVA as publication type “Data set”. It is possible to upload files, compressed or uncompressed, up to 16 GB per file. Multiple files can be uploaded in the same entry.

Each data set should be accompanied by a documentation. The documentation includes a description of research data, (eg an overview of research results, different variables included in the data and what they mean, how the material should be interpreted etc.). The research leader has superior insight into the data and should therefore also be in charge of the documentation. E-Press may offer some advice on documentation and design of a data management plan

Policies for storing research data

LiU currently has no official policy on handling and storage of research data. DiVA is a free of charge repository of smaller amounts of research data. The administrators of DiVA (the DiVA consortium) is responsible for storage and backup of research data

Data Management Plan

A data management plan is a description of how research data is generated, collected, processed and preserved. It also describes methods and standards related to data management. SND (Swedish National Data Service) have general guidelines and instructions on how to write a data management plan. Some examples of how to write a data management plan may be found on the University of California San Diego's website.

Some financiers, above all Horizon 2020, recommend or require data management plans. Horizon 2020 presently carries out a pilot project on open data, called “Open Research Data Pilot ". This pilot project has been extended and now includes most of the H2020's themes. See also here and here. See also here and here.

For more information please contact ep@ep.liu.se.

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