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If You Have Any Questions Regarding Electronic Publishing or DiVA ask:

Håkan Andersson about affiliation, ORCID, problem with registration in DIVA and corrections of posts in DiVA.
Telefon +46 13 28 1921
E-post ep@ep.liu.se

Peter Berkesand is responsible for LiU's publishing system DiVA and handles questions about the details of publishing theses (Ph.D., licentiate or undergraduate), conference proceedings, journal or conference articles, reports or other documents and is also web master of www.ep.liu.se.
Telephone +46 13 28 2945
E-Mail ep@ep.liu.se

Emma Burman handles questions about the details of publishing Ph.D. and licentiate theses.
Telefon 013 28 1971
E-post ep@ep.liu.se

Edvin Erdtman is scientific editor.
Telefon 013 28 2962
E-post edvin.erdtman@liu.se

Anders Fåk is temporary head of the Publishing Infrastructure.
Telephone +46 13 28 6609.
E-Mail anders.fak@liu.se

Johanna Nählinder is research coordinator and is responsible for contacts with researchers.
Telefon 013 28 2903
E-post johanna.nahlinder@liu.se

Elisavet Koutzamani about publications and data export and corrections of posts concerning the Medical Faculty.
Telefon 013-281094, 010-1031432
E-post ep@ep.liu.se

Mailing Address: Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköping University, SE-581 83 Linköping, Sweden
Visiting Address: Entrance 41, D-House in the library.

Purchase Publications

If you would like to buy a thesis or another publication published at Linköping University, please contact the department for help. We do not have any printed copies of the electronically published publications for purchase.

Linköping University Electronic Press (LiU E-Press) was established to provide an electronic publishing service for Linköping University, and started operation on October 1, 1996. On April 1, 2004 LiU E-Press became an independent department within Linköping University Library, with its own Board of Directors. In September 2007, E-Press became a unit entirely within the structure of the University Library and under the jurisdiction of the Library's Board of Directors, with its own Steering Group (see the headline "LiU E-Press' Steering Group" below).

LiU E-Press' purpose is to:

  • effectively spread LiU's research,
  • make the researchers and the students publications visible and available,
  • offer a collective tool for the university's publications,
  • use for annual reports, statistics and quantitative studies of scientific material, bibliometrics,
  • secure the access of LiU's publications,
  • show the general public how LiU's resources are used.

LiU E-Press operates on a non-profit basis. LiU E-Press does not seek to obtain and retain copyright of published texts.

Meeting times, 2017

February 20th, May 12th, September 9th and December 15th at 1.15-3.15 pm.


Henrik Eriksson, Faculty of Educational Science


Karin Axelsson, Faculty of Arts and Science
Fredrik Elinder, Faculty of Health Sciences
Andreas Fejes, Faculty of Educational Science
Reiner Lenz, Institute of Technology
Axel Tiderman, Library
Monica Westman, Communications Office
David Lawrence, Library


Anders Fåk

Agenda and Minutes (mainly Swedish)

2015/12/02 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2015/02/16 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2014/11/18 PDF-fil Agenda
2014/09/09 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2014/02/18 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2013/11/19 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2013/01/06 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2012/11/27 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2012/09/11 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2012/05/15 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2012/02/17 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2011/09/13 PDF-fil Agenda PDF-fil Minutes
2011/04/26 PDF-fil Agenda
2011/01/25 PDF-fil Agenda (Advisory Group Meeting)
2010/12/14 PDF-fil Agenda
2010/09/14 PDF-fil Agenda
2010/05/11 PDF-fil Agenda
2010/02/16 PDF-fil Agenda
2009/12/01 PDF-fil Agenda
2009/08/27 PDF-fil Agenda
2009/05/20 PDF-fil Agenda
2009/01/27 PDF-fil Agenda, PDF-fil Minutes
2008/09/30 PDF-fil Agenda, PDF-fil Minutes (Advisory Group Meeting)
2008/08/27 PDF-fil Agenda, PDF-fil Minutes
2008/05/20 PDF-fil Agenda, PDF-fil Minutes
2008/03/03 PDF-fil Agenda, PDF-fil Minutes
2008/02/19 PDF-fil Agenda, PDF-fil Minutes

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