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Martin Magnuson, Erik Lewin, Lars Hultman and Ulf Jansson
Electronic structure and chemical bonding of nanocrystalline-TiC/amorphous-C nanocomposites
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Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2009, 80( 235108).
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Martin Magnuson, M. Mattesini, Carina Höglund, Jens Birch and Lars Hultman
Electronic structure and chemical bonding anisotropy investigation of wurtzite AlN
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Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2009, 80, 155105.
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Björn Alling, Magnus Odén, Lars Hultman and Igor Abrikosov
Pressure enhancement of the isostructural cubic decomposition in Ti1−xAlxN
Applied Physics Letters, 2009, 95( 181906).
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Gueorgui Kostov Gueorguiev, E Broitman, Andrej Furlan, Sven Stafström and Lars Hultman
Dangling bond energetics in carbon nitride and phosphorus carbide thin films with fullerene-like and amorphous structure
CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 2009, 482( 1-3), 110-113.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 11 


R. Sanz, Jens Jensen, G. Gonzalez-Diaz, O. Martinez, M. Vazquez and M. Hernandez-Velez
Continuous and Localized Mn Implantation of ZnO
NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS, 2009, 4( 8), 878-887.
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Y Sun, S Johnsen, Per Eklund, M Sillassen, J Bottiger, N Oeschler, P Sun, F Steglich and B B Iversen
Thermoelectric transport properties of highly oriented FeSb2 thin films
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Carina Höglund, Javier Bareno, Jens Birch, Björn Alling, Zsolt Czigany and Lars Hultman
Cubic Sc1-xAlxN solid solution thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputter epitaxy onto ScN(111)
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 2009, 105( 11), 132862.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 19 


Axel Flink, R M Saoubi, Finn Giuliani, J Sjolen, T Larsson, Per Persson, M P Johansson and Lars Hultman
Microstructural characterization of the tool-chip interface enabled by focused ion beam and analytical electron microscopy
WEAR, 2009, 266( 11-12), 1237-1240.
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Erik Wallin, Peter Münger, Valeriu Chirita and Ulf Helmersson
Low-temperature alpha-alumina thin film growth: ab initio studies of Al adatom surface migration
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Maurizio Mattesini, Martin Magnuson, Ferenc Tasnádi, Carina Höglund, Igor A. Abrikosov and Lars Hultman
Elastic properties and electrostructural correlations in ternary scandium-based cubic inverse perovskites: A first-principles study
Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2009, 79( 125122).
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M. Sillassen, Per Eklund, M. Sridharan, N. Pryds, N. Bonanos and J. Bottiger
Ionic conductivity and thermal stability of magnetron-sputtered nanocrystalline yttria-stabilized zirconia
Journal of Applied Physics, 2009, 105( 10), 104907.
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Vanya Darakchieva, T Hofmann, M Schubert, Bo Sernelius, Bo Monemar, Per Persson, Finn Giuliani, E Alves, H Lu and W J Schaff
Free electron behavior in InN: On the role of dislocations and surface electron accumulation
Applied Physics Letters, 2009, 94( 2), 022109.
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Gustav Edman Jönsson, Hans Högberg and Lars Hultman

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