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Journal Articles

LiU affiliated Andréas Larsson (Kaiser), Johan Angbrant, Johan Ekeroth, Per Månsson and Bo Liedberg
A novel biochip technology for detection of explosives - TNT: Synthesis, characterisation and application
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2006, 113( 2), 730-748.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 52 


LiU affiliated Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Daniel Aili, Karin Enander, Johan Rydberg, Ingemar Lundström, Lars Baltzer and Bo Liedberg
Aggregation-Induced Folding of a de novo Designed Polypeptide Immobilized on Gold Nanoparticles
Altmetric usage: 1

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2006, 128( 7), 2194 -2195.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 57 


LiU affiliated Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Wei Li, Mattias Östblom, Lihua Xu, A. Hellsten, Per Leanderson, Bo Liedberg, Ulf Brunk, J.W. Eaton and Ximing Yuan
Cytocidal effects of atheromatous plaque components: The death zone revisited
The FASEB Journal, 2006, 20( 13), 2281-2290.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 34 


LiU affiliated Ramunas Valiokas, Goran Klenkar, Ali Tinazli, Robert Tampé, Bo Liedberg and Jacob Piehler
Differential Protein Assembly on Micropatterned Surfaces with Tailored Molecular and Surface Multivalency
ChemBioChem, 2006, 7( 9), 1325-1329.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 35 


LiU affiliated Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Eva Blomberg, Per M. Claesson, Peter Konradsson and Bo Liedberg
LiU affiliated Maria Engström, Anna Klasson, Henrik Pedersen, Cecillia Vahlberg, Per-Olov Käll and Kajsa Uvdal
High Proton Relaxivity for Gadolinium Oxide Nanoparticles
Altmetric usage: 2

Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine, 2006, 19( 4), 180-186.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 92 


LiU affiliated Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Mattias Östblom, Ramunas Valiokas, Peter Konradsson, Stefan Svensson, Bo Liedberg, M. Garrett and D.L. Allara
Ice nucleation and phase behavior on oligo(ethylene glycol) and hydroxyl self-assembled monolayers: Simulations and experiments
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2006, 110( 4), 1830-1836.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5 


LiU affiliated Anette Salomonsson, Rodrigo M. Petoral Jr., Kajsa Uvdal, Christian Aulin, Per-Olov Käll, Lars Ojamäe, Michael Strand, Mehri Sanati and Anita Lloyd Spetz
Nanocrystalline Ruthenium oxide and Ruthenium in sensing applications -an experimental and theoretical study
Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 2006, 8( 6), 899-910.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 29 


LiU affiliated Anita Lloyd-Spets, S. Nakagomi, Helena Wingbrant, Mike Andersson, Anette Salomonsson, S. Roy, G. Wingqvist, I. Katardjiev, M. Eickhoff, Kajsa Uvdal and Rositsa Yakimova
New materials for chemical and biosensors
Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 2006, 21( 3), 253-256.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 14 


LiU affiliated Lyuba Malysheva, Alexander Onipko and Bo Liedberg
Orientation of OH terminal groups in oligo(ethylene glycol)-terminated self-assemblies: results of ab initio modeling
Physica status solidi. B, Basic research, 2006, 243( 13), 3489-3493.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3 


LiU affiliated Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Goran Klenkar, Ramunas Valiokas, Ingemar Lundström, Ali Tinazli, Robert Tampé, Jacob Piehler and Bo Liedberg
Piezo Dispensed Microarray of Multivalent Chelating Thiols for Dissecting Complex Protein-Protein Interactions
Analytical Chemistry, 2006, 78( 11), 3643-3650.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 39 


LiU affiliated Level 2 publication in the Norwegian publication analysis system Ramunas Valiokas, Sarunas Vaitekonis, Goran Klenkar, Gediminas Trinkunas and Bo Liedberg

Conference Articles

LiU affiliated Olof Andersson, Christian Ulrich, Bo Liedberg and Fredrik Björefors
Characterization Of Surface Modifications Using Voltammetry Combined With Imaging SPR
The 57th, Annual Meeting of ISE, 1 August to 5 September 2006,Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh,UK, 2006.

LiU affiliated Anita Lloyd-Spets, Rodrigo Jr Petoral, Kajsa Uvdal, Cecilia Vahlberg, Rositsa Yakimova, G. Steinhoff, B. Baur, T. Wassner and M. Eickhoff

LiU affiliated Anita Lloyd-Spets, Rodrigo Jr Petoral, Cecilia Vahlberg, Kajsa Uvdal, R. Yakimova, G. Steinhoff, V. Khranovskyy, G.R. Yazdi, M. Syväjärvi and M. Eickhoff

LiU affiliated Anita Lloyd-Spets, Georg Steinhoff, Rodrigo Jr Petoral, Kajsa Uvdal, Martin Eickhoff and Rositsa Yakimova
New Materials for Multifunctional Chemical- and Biosensors
MST06 Chemically Active Ceramic Nano-Particles and Nano-Structures,2006, 2006.

LiU affiliated Anita Lloyd-Spets, Rodrigo Jr Petoral, G. Steinhoff, Gholam Reza Yazdi and V. Khranovsky
Preparation and characterization of organic/inorganic structures based on ZnO
4th Int. workshop on ZnO and related materials,2006, 2006.

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