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Journal Articles

T.C. Pargman and Yvonne Waern
  Appropriating the use of a Moo for collaborative learning
  Interacting with computers, 2003, 15(6), 759-781.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

P. Rabardel and Yvonne Waern
  From artefact to instrument
  Interacting with computers, 2003, 15(5), 641-645.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 22

Yvonne Waern and P. Rabardel
  Interacting with Computers: Editorial
  Interacting with computers, 2003, 15(6), 731-735.

Björn Johansson, Henrik Artman and Yvonne Waern
  Technology in Crisis Managment Systems - ideas and effects
  Document Design, 2001, 2(3), 247-258.

Teresa Cerratto and Yvonne Waern
  Chatting to Learn and Learning to Chat in Collaborative Virtual Environments
  M/C Journal, 2000, 3(4), .

Christer Garbis and Yvonne Waern
  Team Coordination and communication in a rescue command staff: the role of public representations
  Travail humain (Paris), 1999, 62(3), 273-291.


Sharon McDonald, Yvonne Waern and Gilbert cockton
  People and computers XIV - Usability or else!: proceedings of HCI 2000
  British Computer Society, , Springer, 2000.

Yvonne Waern
  Co-operative process management: cognition and information technology
  Taylor & Francis, 1998.

Chapters in Books

Björn Johansson, Rego Granlund and Yvonne Waern
  How Professionals make Expert Decisions
  How Professionals make Expert Decisions, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004, -423.

Björn Johansson, Yvonne Waern and Rego Granlund
  Research on Decision Making and New Technology - Methodological Issues
  How Professionals Make Expert Decisions, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004, -423.

Yvonne Waern
  Co-ordination and control in a dynamic environment
  Proceedings of the joint conference of APCHI 2000 (4th Asia Pacific Conference on Human Computer Interaction), ASEAN Ergonomics 2000 (6th S.E. Asian Ergonomics Society Conference): 27th November to 1st December, Singapore, Elsevier, 2000, 108-114.

Yvonne Waern
  Ingen regel utan undantag. Debatter kring princip och praktik
  Möten : en vänbok till Roger Säljö, Tema Kommunikation, Linköpings universitet, 1999, 485-509.

Conference Articles

Yvonne Waern, Rune Pettersson and Gary Svensson
  On Web Based Learning - Experiences from Teaching and Learning Online
  the 34th Annual Conference of the International Visual Literacy Association,2002, 2002.

Björn Johansson, Rego Granlund and Yvonne Waern
  The communicative aspects of distributed dynamic decision making in the ROLF-environment
  In the 5th Conference on Natural Decision Making, 2000.

Yvonne Waern, Patric Dahlqvist and Robert Ramberg
  Learning contexts - Does multimedia affect physics learning?
  Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences,2000, 2000.

Ph.D. Theses

Björn Johansson
  Joint control in dynamic situations

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