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Anne Henry, Xun Li, Henrik Jacobson, Sven Andersson, Alexandre Boulle, Didier Chaussende and Erik Janzén
  3C-SiC Heteroepitaxy on Hexagonal SiC Substrates
  Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2012, 2013.

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Henrik Jacobson, Xun Li, Erik Janzén and Anne Henry
  Structural investigation of heteroepitaxial 3C-SiC grown on 4H-SiC substrates

Xun Li, Jawad ul Hassan, Olof Kordina, Erik Janzén and Anne Henry
  Surface preparation of 4 degrees off-axis 4H-SIC substrate for epitaxial growth
  Materials Science Forum (Volumes 740 - 742), 2013.

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Xun Li, Stefano Leone, Sven Andersson, Olle Kordina, Anne Henry and Erik Janzén
  CVD Heteroepitaxial Growth of 3C-SiC on 4H-SiC (0001) Substrates
  Materials Science Forum Vols 717 - 720, 2012.

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Anne Henry, Xun Li, Stefano Leone, Olof Kordina and Erik Janzén
  CVD growth of 3C-SiC on 4H-SiC substrate
  Materials Science Forum Vol 711, 2012.

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