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K. Szasz, Xuan Thang Trinh, Nguyen Tien Son, Erik Janzén and A. Gali
  Theoretical and electron paramagnetic resonance studies of hyperfine interaction in nitrogen doped 4H and 6H SiC
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, 115(7), 073705.
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Anelia Kakanakova-Georgieva, Daniel Nilsson, Xuan Thang Trinh, Urban Forsberg, Son Tien Nguyen and Erik Janzén
  The complex impact of silicon and oxygen on the n-type conductivity of high-Al-content AlGaN
  Applied Physics Letters, 2013, 102(13), 132113.
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Koutarou Kawahara, Xuan Thang Trinh, Nguyen Son Tien, Erik Janzén, Jun Suda and Tsunenobu Kimoto
  Investigation on origin of Z(1/2) center in SiC by deep level transient spectroscopy and electron paramagnetic resonance
  Applied Physics Letters, 2013, 102(11), .
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X. T. Trinh, D Nilsson, I. G. Ivanov, E Janzén, A Kakanakova-Georgieva and N.T. Son
  Negative-U behavior of the Si donor in Al0.77Ga0.23N
  Applied Physics Letters, 2013, 103(4), 042101.
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Xuan Thang Trinh, K. Szász, T. Hornos, K. Kawahara, J. Suda, T. Kimoto, A. Gali, Erik Janzén and Nguyen Tien Son
  Negative-U carbon vacancy in 4H-SiC: Assessment of charge correction schemes and identification of the negative carbon vacancy at the quasicubic site
  Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2013, 88(23), 235209-1-235209-13.
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Nguyen Son Tien, Xuan Thang Trinh, Andreas Gällström, Stefano Leone, Olle Kordina, Erik Janzén, Krisztian Szasz, Viktor Ivady and Adam Gali
  Electron paramagnetic resonance and theoretical studies of Nb in 4H- and 6H-SiC
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2012, 112(8), 083711.
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Nguyen Tien Son, Xuan Thang Trinh, L S Lovlie, B. G. Svensson, K. Kawahara, J. Suda, T. Kimoto, T. Umeda, J. Isoya, T. Makino, T. Ohshima and Erik Janzén
  Negative-U System of Carbon Vacancy in 4H-SiC
  Physical Review Letters, 2012, 109(18), 187603.
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Conference Articles

Xuan Thang Trinh, Andreas Gällström, Son Tian Nguyen, Stefano Leone, Olle Kordina and Erik Janzén
  Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Nb in 6H-SiC
  Materials Science Forum (Volumes 740 - 742), 2013.