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Journal Articles

Yibing Wang, Steven F. Petit, Eliana Vasquez Osorio, Vikas Gupta, Alejandra Mendez Romero and Ben Heijmen
  An individualized strategy to estimate the effect of deformable registration uncertainty on accumulated dose in the upper abdomen
  Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2018, 63(12), .

Vikas Gupta, Jonas Lantz, Lilian Henriksson, Jan Engvall, Matts Karlsson, Anders Persson and Tino Ebbers
  Automated three-dimensional tracking of the left ventricular myocardium in time-resolved and dose-modulated cardiac CT images using deformable image registration
  Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, 2018, 12(2), 139-148.

Vikas Gupta, Mariana Bustamante, Alexandru Fredriksson, Carljohan Carlhäll and Tino Ebbers
  Improving left ventricular segmentation in four-dimensional flow MRI using intramodality image registration for cardiac blood flow analysis
  Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2018, 79(1), 554-560.
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Jonas Lantz, Gupta Vikas, Lilian Henriksson, Matts Karlsson, Anders Persson, Carl-Johan Carlhäll and Tino Ebbers
  Intracardiac Flow at 4D CT: Comparison with 4D Flow MRI
  Radiology, 2018, , .

Mariana Bustamante, Vikas Gupta, Carljohan Carlhäll and Tino Ebbers
  Improving visualization of 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance with four-dimensional angiographic data: generation of a 4D phase-contrast magnetic resonance CardioAngiography (4D PC-MRCA)
  Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 2017, 19, .
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Conference Articles

Jonas Lantz, Vikas Gupta, Lilian Henriksson, Matts Karlsson, Anders Persson, Carljohan Carlhäll and Tino Ebbers
  Characterization of Cardiac Flow in Heart Disease Patients by CFD and 4D Flow MRI
  Bulletin of the Amerian Physcial Society, 2017.

Jonas Lantz, Vikas Gupta, Lilian Henriksson, Matts Karlsson, Anders Persson, Carljohan Carlhäll and Tino Ebbers
  First Results of CT-derived Cardiac 4D Blood Flow - Comparison With 4D Flow MRI
  RSNA 2017, 103rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Nov 26-Dec 1, Chicago, USA, 2017.

Johan Kihlberg, Vikas Gupta, Henrik Haraldsson, Andreas Sigfridsson, Sebastian Sarvari, Tino Ebbers and Jan Engvall
  Identification of the best CMR technique for quantitative assessment of myocardial salvage using a systematic comparison.
  European Congress of Radiology, 1-5 March, Vienna, Austria, 2017.

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