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Journal Articles

Ulrika Müssener, Marcus Bendtsen, Nadine Karlsson, Ian R. White, Jim McCambridge and Preben Bendtsen
  SMS-based smoking cessation intervention among university students: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (NEXit trial)
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  Trials, 2015, 16, .
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Ulrika Müssener
  Det goda mötet - en viktig del i sjukskrivnings- och rehabiliteringsprocessen
  Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 2012, 89(2), 169-177.

Christian Ståhl, Ulrika Müssener and Tommy Svensson
  Implementation of standardized time limits in sickness insurance and return-to-work: Experiences of four actors
  Disability and Rehabilitation, 2012, 34(16), 1404-1411.
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Tommy Svensson, Ulrika Müssener and Kristina Alexanderson
  Sickness absence, social relations, and self-esteem: A qualitative study of the importance of relationships with family, workmates, and friends among persons initially long-term sickness absent due to back diagnoses
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

Ulrika Müssener and Catarina Linderoth
  Kan jag få ett läkarintyg?: - Erfarenheter av telefonrådgivning i primärvården
  Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 2009, 86(6), 539-547.

Ulrika Müssener, Tommy Svensson and Elsy Söderberg
  Vilken betydelse har positivt bemötande för återgång i arbete?
  Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 2009, 86(3), 238-244.

Ulrika Müssener, Karin Festin, Marianne Upmark and Kristina Alexanderson
  Positive experiences of encounters with healthcare and social insurance professionals among people on long-term sick leave
  Journal of rehabilitation medicine : official journal of the UEMS European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 2008, 40(10), 805-811.
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Ulrika Müssener, A. Persson and A. Alexandersson
  A population-based questionnaire study of how people on sick leave perceive contacts with professionals in healthcare, occupational health services, and social insurance
  , 2007, , .

Ulrika Müssener, Elsy Söderberg, Tommy Svensson and Kristina Alexandersson
  Encouraging encounters: sick-listed persons’ experiences of interactions with rehabilitation professionals
  Social work in health care, 2007, 46(2), 71-87.
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Ulrika Müssener, M. Upmark, K. Borg and A. Alexandersson
  Positive experiences of encounters with professionals among people on long-term sick leave
  , 2007, , .

Tommy Svensson, Ulrika Müssener and Kristina Alexandersson
  Pride, empowerment and return to work: On the significance of positive social emotions in the rehabilitation of sickness absentees
  Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation, 2006, 27(1), 57-65.

Ulrika Klanghed Müssener, Tommy Svensson and Kristina Alexandersson
  Positive encounters with rehabilitation professionals reported by persons with experience of sickness absence
  Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation, 2004, 22(3), 247-254.

Ph.D. Theses

Ulrika Müssener
  Encouraging Encounters: Experiences of People on Sick Leave in Their Meetings with Professionals

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Christian Ståhl, Ulrika Müssener and Tommy Svensson
  Sjukskrivningssystemet och dess aktörer: Efter införandet av rehabiliteringskedjan
  HELIX working papers, 7, 2011.

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