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Torsten Merz, Simone Duranti and Gianpaolo Conte
  Autonomous landing of an unmanned helicopter based on vision and inertial sensing
  Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Experimental Robotics, 2006.

 Web of Science® Times Cited: 15

Torsten Merz, Piotr Rudol and Mariusz Wzorek
  Control System Framework for Autonomous Robots Based on Extended State Machines
  Proceedings of the International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems (ICAS), 2006.

Mariusz Wzorek, Gianpaolo Conte, Piotr Rudol, Torsten Merz, Simone Duranti and Patrick Doherty
  From Motion Planning to Control - A Navigation Framework for an Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  Proceedings of the 21st Bristol UAV Systems Conference (UAVS), 2006.

Patrick Doherty, Patrik Haslum, Fredrik Heintz, Torsten Merz, Per Nyblom, Tommy Persson and Björn Wingman
  A Distributed Architecture for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Experimentation
  7th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems,2004, 2004.

Torsten Merz
  Building a System for Autonomous Aerial Robotics Research
  Proceedings of the 5th IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles (IAV), 2004.

Gianpaolo Conte, Simone Duranti and Torsten Merz
  Dynamic 3D path following for an autonomous helicopter
  Proceedings of the 5th IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles (IAV), 2004.


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