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Journal Articles

Tomas Jungert, Renee Landry, Mireille Joussemet, Genevieve Mageau, Isabelle Gingras and Richard Koestner
  Autonomous and Controlled Motivation for Parenting: Associations with Parent and Child Outcomes
  Journal of Child and Family Studies, 2015, 24(7), 1932-1942.
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Tomas Jungert and Richard Koestner
  Science adjustment, parental and teacher autonomy support and the cognitive orientation of science students
  Educational Psychology, 2015, 35(3), 361-376.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Tomas Jungert, Hugo Hesser and Ulf Träff
  Contrasting two models of academic self-efficacy - domain-specific versus cross-domain - in children receiving and not receiving special instruction in mathematics
  Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 2014, 55(5), 440-447.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1

Tomas Jungert, Fredrik Alm and Robert Thornberg
  Motives for becoming a teacher and their relations to academic engagement and dropout among student teachers
  Journal of Education for Teaching, 2014, 40(2), 173-185.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 10

Robert Thornberg and Tomas Jungert
  School bullying and the mechanisms of moral disengagement
  Aggressive Behavior, 2014, 40(2), 99-108.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 22

Robert Thornberg and Tomas Jungert
  Bystander behavior in bullying situations: basic moral sensitivity, moral disengagement and defender self-efficacy
  Journal of Adolescence, 2013, 36(3), 475-483.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 45

Tomas Jungert, Richard Frank Koestner, Nathalie Houlfort and Kaspar Schattke
  Distinguishing Source of Autonomy Support in Relation to Workers Motivation and Self-Efficacy
  Journal of Social Psychology, 2013, 153(6), 651-666.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Tomas Jungert and Ulf Andersson
  Self-efficacy Beliefs in Mathematics, Native Language Literacy and Foreign Language Amongst Boys and Girls with and without Mathematic Difficulties
  Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 2013, 57(1), 1-15.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Tomas Jungert
  Social identities among engineering students and through their transition to work: a longitudinal study
  Studies in Higher Education, 2013, 38(1), 39-52.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

Robert Thornberg, Laura Tenenbaum, Kristen Varjas, Joel Meyers, Tomas Jungert and Gina Vanegas
  Bystander motivation in bullying incidents: To intervene or not to intervene?
  Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2012, 13(3), 247-252.
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Chato Rasoal, Henrik Danielsson and Tomas Jungert
  Empathy among students in engineeringprogrammes
  European Journal of Engineering Education, 2012, 37(5), 427-435.

Chato Rasoal, Tomas Jungert, Stephan Hau and Gerhard Andersson
  Development of a Swedish Version of the Scale of Ethnocultural Empathy
  Psychology, 2011, 2(6), 568-573.
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Chato Rasoal, Tomas Jungert, Stephan Hau and Gerhard Andersson
  Ethnocultural versus Basic Empathy: Same or Different?
  Psychology, 2011, 2(9), 925-930.
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Helena Dedic, Steven Rosenfield and Tomas Jungert
  L’écart entre les sexes dans les études en sciences: Une question de style cognitif et non d’aptitude cognitive [The gender gap in science studies: A question of cognitive style, not cognitive ability]
  Pédagogie Collégial, 2011, 25(1), 30-37.

Elinor Edvardsson Stiwne and Tomas Jungert
  Engineering students experiences of becoming an engineer
  , 2010, , .

Elinor Edvardsson Stiwne and Tomas Jungert
  Engineering students' experiences of transition from study to work
  Journal of Education and Work, 2010, 23(5), 417-437.

Tomas Jungert and Michael Rosander
  Self-efficacy and strategies to influence the study environment
  TEACHING IN HIGHER EDUCATION, 2010, 15(6), 647-659.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 16

Chato Rasoal, Tomas Jungert, Elinor Edvardsson Stiwne and Gerhard Andersson
  Ethnocultural Empathy Among Students in Health Care Education
  Evaluation & the Health Professions, 2009, 32(3), 300-313.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 6

Tomas Jungert and Michael Rosander
  Relationships between students strategies for influencing their study environment and their strategic approach to studying
  Studies in Higher Education, 2009, 34(2), 139-152.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Tomas Jungert
  A longitudinal study of engineering students’ approaches to their studies
  Higher Education Research and Development, 2008, 27(3), 201-214.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Tomas Jungert
  Opportunities of student influence as a context for the development of engineering students' study motivation
  Social Psychology of Education, 2008, 11(1), 79-94.

Tomas Jungert
  Effects of the CDIO curriculum on engineering students’ experiences of their study  environment
  World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education, 2006, 5(2), 357-360.

Chapters in Books

Tomas Jungert
  Grupparbete och lärarperspektiv
  Handbok för grupparbete: att skapa fungerande grupparbeten i undervisning, Studentlitteratur, 2008, 51-70.

Conference Articles

Tomas Jungert and John Vongas
  No work is motivating if the climate lacks warmth: The importance of autonomy supportive coworkers and managers in elderly care
  5th International Conference on Self-Determination Theory, 27-30 June 2013, Rochester, NY, USA, 2013.

Tomas Jungert, Nathalie Houlfort and Richard Koestner
  The Benefits of Peer Autonomy Support for Teachers
  5th International Conference on Self-Determination Theory, 27-30 June 2013, Rochester, NY, USA, 2013.

Kaspar Schattke, Tomas Jungert and Marylène Gagné
  The impact of autonomy and competence support on achievement motivation depends on the job context
  5th International Conference on Self-Determination Theory, 27-30 June 2013, Rochester, NY, USA, 2013.

Tomas Jungert
  Autonomous motivation for parenting: Associations with well-being and optimal parenting practices
  5th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Motivation, 24th of May 2012, Chicago, USA, 2012.

Tomas Jungert and Kaspar Schattke
  Betydelsen av stöd från olika källor för medarbetares motivation
  AOnet'4, Nätverksmöte i arbets- och organisationspsykologi, 27-28 september 2012, Linköping, 2012.

Tomas Jungert, Richard Koestner and Nathalie Houlfort
  Differentiating source of support in relation to workers’ intrinsic motivation and achievement
  the Academy of Management Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, August 3-7, 2012, 2012.

Tomas Jungert
  Distinguishing type and source of support for workers’ motivation, self-efficacy, and commitment
  The annual convention of the Association for Psychological science, Chicago, May, 2012, 2012.

Robert Thornberg, Kristen Varjas, Tomas Jungert and Joel Meyers
  Investigating bystander motivations and behavior in bullying situations
  American Educational Research Association 2012 Annual Meeting Program in Vancouver, Canada, April 13-17, 2012, 2012.

Fredrik Alm, Tomas Jungert and Robert Thornberg
  Academic commitment and self-determination among teacher students
  The 39th Congress of the Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA), 10th to 12th March 2011, Jyväskylä, Finland, 2011.

Helena Dedic, Tomas Jungert and Steven Rosenfield
  Emotional Involvement in STEM Studies: Canada and Sweden.
  American Educational Research Association Conference, 2011.

Tomas Jungert, Helena Dedic and Steven Rosenfield
  Roles that gender, systemizing and teacher support play in STEM education
  the International conference on Gender and Interdisciplinary Education for Engineers, June 23-24, Paris, France, 2011.

Chato Rasoal and Tomas Jungert
  The relation between parental support and their adolescents' development of empathy
  British Psychological Society Annual Conference, 2011.

Tomas Jungert, Fredrik Alm and Robert Thornberg
  Motives to become a teacher, self-efficacy and self-determination among first-year students in teacher education
  Nordic Educational Research Association, 38 Congress, "Active citizenship", 11 March 2010, Malmö, Sweden, 2010.

Tomas Jungert
  Some insight into the problem of the relative decline of SMET studies graduates in OECD countries
  European Conference on Educational Research, 2010.

Tomas Jungert and Stefan Gustafson
  Attributional style, academic self-efficacy, and attempts to influence the study environment
  Dynamics within and outside the lab: Proceedings from the 6th GRASP conference, 2009.

Tomas Jungert, Helena Dedic and Steven Rosenfield
  Cognitive style and science achievement of Canadian and Swedish college level students
  European Conference on Educational Research, 2009.

Tomas Jungert, Helena Dedic and Steven Rosenfield
  Model of how cognitive style impacts differentially by gender on achievement and perseverance in SMET studies
  American Educational Research Association Conference, 2009.

Tomas Jungert
  Differences in perceptions of studies between cohorts of engineering students
  Conceive Design Implement Operate (CDIO), 2008.

Tomas Jungert and Ingrid Hylander
  The study of natural groups: Validating by Triangulation
  British Psychological Society annual Conference, 2008.

Elinor Edvardsson Stiwne and Tomas Jungert
  Engineering students erxperieces of the transition from study to work. 
  3rd International CDIO Conference in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 11 – 14, 2007, 2007.

Ph.D. Theses

Tomas Jungert
  Self-efficacy, Motivation and Approaches to Studying: A longitudinal study of Y and how engineering students perceive their studies and transition to work

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Fredrik Alm, Tomas Jungert and Robert Thornberg
  Nyantagna lärarstudenters motiv, motivation, självtillit och akademiska engagemang
  LiU-PEK-R / Institutionen för beteendevetenskap och lärande (2007-), 261, 2014.

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Tomas Jungert
  The meaning of support from co-workers and managers in teams when working
  FOG rapport, 72, 2012.

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Tomas Jungert
  Arbetsklimat och motivation i arbetsteam inom äldreomsorgen
  HELIX working papers, 11/6, 2011.

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Helena Dedic, Steven Rosenfield, Eva Rosenfield and Tomas Jungert
  Attracting and Retaining Science Students
  PAREA, , 2010.

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