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Shady Younis, Wael Kamel, Tina Falkeborn, Hao Wang, Di Yu, Robert Daniels, Magnus Essand, Jorma Hinkula, Göran Akusjärvi and Leif Andersson
  Multiple nuclear-replicating viruses require the stress-induced protein ZC3H11A for efficient growth
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2018, , .

Jorma Hinkula, S Petkov, K Ljungberg, D Hallengärd, A Bråve, M Isaguliants, Tina Falkeborn, Sumit Sharma, V Liakina, M Robb, M Eller, B Moss, G Biberfeld, E Sandström, C Nilsson, K Markland, P Blomberg and B Wahren
  HIVIS-DNA or HIVISopt-DNA priming followed by CMDR vaccinia-based boosts induce both humoral and cellular murine immune responses to HIV.
  Heliyon, 2017, 3(6), .
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Tina Falkeborn, Jorma Hinkula, Marie Olliver, Alf Lindberg and Anna-Karin Maltais
  The intranasal adjuvant Endocine((TM)) enhances both systemic and mucosal immune responses in aged mice immunized with influenza antigen
  Virology Journal, 2017, 14, .
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Tina Falkeborn, Naomi Asahara, Masayuki Hayashi, Masaaki Arai, Jorma Hinkula and Anna-Karin Maltais
  Comparison of the mucosal adjuvant Endocine™ with two well-known adjuvants: cholera toxin and alum
  Jacobs Journal of Vaccine and Vaccination, 2015, 1(1), .
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Sanna Nyström, Andreas Bråve, Tina Falkeborn, Claudia Devito, Björn Rissiek, Daniel X Johansson, Ulf Schröder, Satoshi Uematsu, Shizuo Akira, Jorma Hinkula and Steven E Applequist
  DNA-Encoded Flagellin Activates Toll-Like Receptor 5 (TLR5), Nod-like Receptor Family CARD Domain-Containing Protein 4 (NRLC4), and Acts as an Epidermal, Systemic, and Mucosal-Adjuvant
  Vaccines, 2013, 1(4), 415-443.
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Tina Falkeborn, Andreas Brave, Marie Larsson, Britt Åkerlind, Ulf Schroder and Jorma Hinkula
  Endocine™, N3OA and N3OASq; Three Mucosal Adjuvants That Enhance the Immune Response to Nasal Influenza Vaccination
  PLoS ONE, 2013, 8(8), .
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Chien-Hsing Chang, Jorma Hinkula, Meiyu Loo, Tina Falkeborn, Rongxiu Li, Thomas M. Cardillo, Edmund A. Rossi, David M. Goldenberg and Britta Wahren
  A Novel Class of Anti-HIV Agents with Multiple Copies of Enfuvirtide Enhances Inhibition of Viral Replication and Cellular Transmission In Vitro
  PLoS ONE, 2012, 7(7), e41235-e41235.
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Gustaf Ahlen, Antony Chen, Barbara Roe, Tina Falkeborn, Lars Frelin, William W Hall, Matti Sallberg and Jonas Soderholm
  Limited effect on NS3-NS4A protein cleavage after alanine substitutions within the immunodominant HLA-A2-restricted epitope of the hepatitis C virus genotype 3a non-structural 3/4A protease
  Journal of General Virology, 2012, 93, 1680-1686.

Birgitta Sundén, Marie Larsson, Tina Falkeborn, Jakob Paues, Urban Forsum, Magnus Lindh, Liselotte Ydrenius, Britt Åkerlind and Lena Serrander
  Real-time PCR detection of Human Herpesvirus 1-5 in patients lacking clinical signs of a viral CNS infection
  BMC Infectious Diseases, 2011, 11(220), .
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Ph.D. Theses

Tina Falkeborn
  Nasal vaccination using novel mucosal adjuvants: with main focus on influenza A virus

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