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Journal Articles

Therese Asplund
  Natural versus anthropogenic climate change: Swedish farmers joint construction of climate perceptions
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  Public Understanding of Science, 2016, 25(5), 560-575.

Madelene Ostwald, Anna Jonsson, Victoria Wibeck and Therese Asplund
  Mapping energy crop cultivation and identifying motivational factors among Swedish farmers
  Biomass and Bioenergy, 2013, 50, 25-34.
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Therese Asplund, Mattias Hjerpe and Victoria Wibeck
  Framings and coverage of climate change in Swedish specialized farming magazines
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  Climatic Change, 2013, 117(1-2), 197-209.
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Therese Asplund
  Metaphors in climate discourse: an analysis of Swedish farm magazines
  JCOM - Journal of Science Communication, 2011, 10(4), .

Chapters in Books

Victoria Wibeck and Therese Asplund
  Genmodifierad mat står lågt i kurs hos svenska konsumenter
  Genteknik som tar skruv, Forskningsrådet Formas, 2011, 285-297.

Conference Articles

Teresia Svensson, Madelaine Johansson and Therese Asplund
  Interdisciplinary Environmental Science in problem-based learning:  introducing complexity to students
  Celebrating the Past and Embracing the Future:  Evolution and Innovation in Problem-based Learning: Past & Embracing the Future Conference - 30th - 31st March 2011, 2011.

Anna C. Jonsson, Madelene Ostwald, Therese Asplund and Victoria Wibeck
  Barriers to and drivers of the adpotion of energy crops by Swedish farmers: An empirical approach
  <em>World Renewable Energy Congress 2011</em>: <em>Policy Issues </em>, 2011.

Therese Asplund
  Climate change in Swedish farm magazines
  The 20th Ph.D. Workshop on International Climate Policy. Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010.

Therese Asplund
  Social representations of climate change: Analyses of focus groups discussions with Swedish farmers
  Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction, 2010.

Ph.D. Theses

Therese Asplund
  Climate change frames and frame formation: An analysis of climate change communication in the Swedish agricultural sector

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Victoria Wibeck and Therese Asplund
  Focus gropus: In: Moses, V. et al, Do European Consumers buy GM Foods? Final report from the CONSUMERCHOICE project

Therese Asplund and Victoria Wibeck
  Sweden.: In Moses, V. et al, Do European consumers buy GM foods? Final report from the CONSUMERCHOICE Project.

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