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Journal Articles

Tanja Joelsson
  Breaking bored - negotiating spatial boredom and masculinity in the Volvo greaser culture
  Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, 2015, 22(9), 1252-1268.

Dag Balkmar and Tanja Joelsson
  Den bioniske mannen på autoerotiska äventyr - mäns risktagande i trafikrummet
  Norma (Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies), 2010, 5(1), 27-44.

Chapters in Books

Dag Balkmar and Tanja Joelsson
  Feeling the Speed - the Social and Emotional Investments in Dangerous Road Practices
  Gender and Change: power, politics and everyday practices, Karlstad University Press, 2012, 37-52.

Dag Balkmar and Tanja Joelsson
  Burning Rubber, Marking Territory: Technology, Auto-Erotic Desires and Violating Mobility
  <em>Gender Delight</em>: Science, Knowledge, Culture and Writing…for Nina Lykke, Åsberg, Cecilia, Harrison, Katherine, Pernud, Björn, Gustavsson, Malena (eds.), Tema Genus, 2009, .

Conference Articles

Tanja Joelsson
  Breaking bored: Boredom and risk-taking practices among neighbourhood oriented greaser youth in Sweden
  In relation to what? - Critical Gender Studies on Masculinities and Relationality, 18-20 January 2012, Uppsala, Sweden, 2012.

Tanja Joelsson
  Breaking bored: Boredom, gender and risk-taking among young greasers in Sweden
  Masculinities in Motion - Men, Gender Equality and Quality of Life, 31 May - 1 June 2012, Oslo, Norway, 2012.

Dag Balkmar and Tanja Joelsson
  Kör så det ryker! Teoretiska reflektioner om samspelen mellan män, maskulinitet, rumslighet och våldsam mobilitet
  Genusrelationer och förändringsprocesser: Nordisk feminism och genusforskning 2008,2008, 2008.

Ph.D. Theses

Tanja Joelsson
  Space and Sensibility: Young Men’s Risk-Taking with Motor Vehicles

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