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Journal Articles

Patrik Thollander and Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Combining the EU ETS and EU Energy End-Use Policies: A Policy Proposal Achieving Faster EU CO2 Emission Reductions
  International Journal of Energy, Environment, and Economics, 2011, 19(6), 717-724.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  The Strength Properties of Swedish Oak and Beech
  Drewno, 2010, 53(183), 67-83.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Mikael Rönnqvist
  Optimal heating of large block of flats
  Energy and Buildings, 2008, 40(9), 1699-1708.
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Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Helen Lundqvist-Gustafsson
  DREWNO-WOOD, 2008, 51(179), 29-44.

K. Alanne, A. Salo, A. Saari and Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Multi-criteria evaluation of residential energy supply systems
  Energy and Buildings, 2007, 39(12), 1218-1226.
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Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Refurbishment of industrial buildings
  Energy Conversion and Management, 2006, 47(15-16), 2223-2239.
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Jan Palmqvist, Matz Lenner and Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Cutting-forces when up-milling in beech
  Wood Science and Technology, 2005, 39(8), 674-684.
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Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Fjärrvärme i processindustri
  Energimagasinet : teknik, ekonomi, miljö, 2005, 26(4), .

Stig-Inge Gustafsson, Mikael Rönnqvist and M Claesson
  Optimization models and solution methods for load management
  International journal of energy research (Print), 2004, 28(4), 299-317.
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Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Dubbla vinnare med laststyrning av fjärrvärme
  Energimagasinet : teknik, ekonomi, miljö, 2004, 25(6), 30-32.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Energieffektivisering i träindustrin.
  Energimagasinet : teknik, ekonomi, miljö, 2004, 25, 34-37.

J Palmqvist, Matz Lenner and Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Cutter head forces and load cell scanning
  Wood Science and Technology, 2003, 37(03-Apr), 199-211.
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Björn Rolfsman and Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Energy conservation conflicts in district heating systems
  International journal of energy research (Print), 2003, 27(1), 31-43.
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Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Optimal fenestration retrofits by use of MILP programming technique
  Energy and Buildings, 2001, 33(8), 843-851.
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Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Optimal use of solar collectors for residential buildings
  International journal of energy research (Print), 2001, 25(11), 993-1004.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Mechanical properties of some Swedish hard wood species
  Proceedings of the Institution of mechanical engineers. Part L, journal of materials, 2001, 215(L3), 125-131.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Energy Usage in Surfacing Lines
  Energy Conversion and Management, 2001, 41(5), 1649-1669.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Optimization and simulation of building energy systems
  Applied Thermal Engineering, 2000, 20(18), 1731-1741.
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Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Optimization of drying kiln operation
  International journal of energy research (Print), 2000, 24(1), 19-26.
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Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Energy usage and conservation in surfacing lines
  Energy Conversion and Management, 2000, 41(15), 1649-1669.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Optimization of insulation measures on existing buildings
  Energy and Buildings, 2000, 33(1), 49-55.
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Stig-Inge Gustafsson, M. Bojic and N. Trifunovic
  Mixed 0-1 sequential linear programming optimization of heat distribution in a district-heating system
  Energy and Buildings, 2000, 32(3), 309-317.

Jan Palmqvist and Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Emission of dust in planing and milling of wood
  Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff, 1999, 57(3), 164-170.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Solid mechanics for ash wood
  Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff, 1999, 57(5), 373-377.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Energisparåtgärder vid ytbehandling av planmöbler
  Energimagasinet : teknik, ekonomi, miljö, 1999, 3, 44-48.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Carpentry factory and municipal electricity loads
  Energy Conversion and Management, 1998, 39(3-4), 343-347.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Mixed integer linear programming and building retrofits
  Energy and Buildings, 1998, 28(2), 191-196.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Municipal thermal and electricity loads: A case study in Linköping
  Applied Thermal Engineering, 1998, 18(5), 257-263.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Sensitivity analysis of building energy retrofits
  Applied Energy, 1998, 61(1), 13-23.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Load management measures in a carpentry factory
  International journal of energy research (Print), 1998, 22(14), 1267-1274.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Optimizing ash wood chairs
  Wood Science and Technology, 1997, 31(4), 291-301.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Indetermined chair frames of ash wood
  Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff, 1997, 55(2-4), 255-259.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Load management in municipal electricity systems
  International journal of energy research (Print), 1997, 21(9), 787-791.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Milorad Bojic
  Optimal heating-system retrofits in residential buildings
  Energy, 1997, 22(9), 867-874.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Economic benefits from load management in a carpentry factory
  Applied Thermal Engineering, 1996, 16(10), 829-834.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Stability problems in optimized chairs?
  Wood Science and Technology, 1996, 30(5), 339-345.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Finite element modelling versus reality for birch chairs
  Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff, 1996, 54(5), 355-359.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Does postponed retrofitting save money?
  Heat Recovery Systems and CHP, 1995, 15(5), 469-472.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson, Susanne Andersson and Björn G Karlsson
  Factorial design for energy System Models
  Energy, 1994, 19(8), 905-910.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Are Earth Tube Heat Exchangers of Interest when Heating Buildings?
  International journal of energy research (Print), 1993, 17(7), 597-604.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Mathematical modelling of district-heating and electricity loads
  Applied Energy, 1993, 46(2), 149-159.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Heat Accumulators in CHP Networks
  Energy Conversion and Management, 1992, 33(12), 1051-1061.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Hot Water Heat Accumulators in Single-Family Houses
  Applied Thermal Engineering, 1992, 12(4), 303-310.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Climate Influence on District Heat and Electricity Demands
  Applied Energy, 1992, 42(4), 313-320.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Window Retrofits: Interaction and Life-Cycle Costing
  Applied Energy, 1991, 39(1), 21-29.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Is space heating in offices really necessary?
  Applied Energy, 1991, 38(4), 283-291.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Linear Programming Optimization in CHP Networks
  Applied Thermal Engineering, 1991, 11(4), 231-238.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Energy Conservation and Optimal Retrofits in Multi-Family Buildings
  Energy Systems and Policy, 1990, 14, 37-49.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Natural gas in Optimized Bivalent Heating Sytems
  Energy, 1990, 15(11), 993-999.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Production or Conservation in CHP Networks
  Heat Recovery Systems and CHP, 1990, 10(2), 151-159.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Life-Cycle Cost Minimization Considering Retrofits in Multi-Family Residences
  Energy and Buildings, 1989, 14(1), 9-17.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Insulation and Bivalent Heating System Optimization: Residential Housing Retrofits and Time-Of-Use Tariffs for Electricity
  Applied Energy, 1989, 34(4), 303-315.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson, Anders Lewald and Björn G Karlsson
  Optimization of Bivalent Heating Systems Considering Time-Of-Use Tariffs for Electricity
  Heat Recovery Systems and CHP, 1989, 9(2), 127-131.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Björn G Karlsson
  Why is Life-Cycle Costing Important when Retrofitting Buildings
  International journal of energy research (Print), 1988, 12(2), 233-242.

Stig-Inge Gustafsson, Björn G Karlsson and Bertil H. Sjöholm
  Differential Rates for District Heating and the Influence on the Optimal Retrofit Strategy for Multi-Family Buildings
  Applied Thermal Engineering, 1987, 7(4), 337-341.

Chapters in Books

Patrik Thollander and Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Combining the EU ETS and EU Energy End-Use Policies: A Policy Proposal Achieving Faster EU CO2 Emission Reductions
  Clean Energy: Resources, Production and Developments, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2012, 455-461.

Conference Articles

Dag Henning, Louise Trygg, Wiktoria Glad and Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Socio-technical analyses of energy supply and use in three Swedish municipalities striving toward sustainability
  Proceeding of the 1st VHU Conference on Science for Sustainable Development, Västerås, Sweden, 14-16 April, 2005.


Alemayehu Gebremedhin, Wiktoria Glad and Stig-Inge Gustafsson
  Energianalys Solna. Forskningsrapport inom programmet Uthållig kommun.
  ER / Energimyndigheten, 16, 2004.

Alemayehu Gebremedhin, Stig-Inge Gustafsson and Wictoria Glad
  Energisystemanalys Solna
  ER / Energimyndigheten, 16, 2004.