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Journal Articles

Åsa Elwér, Stefan Gustafson, Brian Byrne, Richard K. Olson, Janice M. Keenan and Stefan Samuelsson
  A retrospective longitudinal study of cognitive and language skills in poor reading comprehension
  Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 2015, 56(2), 157-166.

Stefan Gustafson, Idor Svensson and Linda Falth
  Response to Intervention and Dynamic Assessment: Implementing Systematic, Dynamic and Individualised Interventions in Primary School
  International journal of disability, development and education, 2014, 61(1), 27-43.

Linda Fälth, Stefan Gustafson, Tomas Tjus, Mikael Heimann and Idor Svensson
  Computer-assisted Interventions Targeting Reading Skills of Children with Reading Disabilities - A Longitudinal Study
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  Dyslexia, 2013, 19(1), 37-53.

Stefan Gustafson, Christina Samuelsson, Elinor Johansson and Julia Wallman
  How Simple is the Simple View of Reading?
  Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 2013, 57(3), 292-308.
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Camilla Kempe, Stefan Gustafson and Stefan Samuelsson
  A longitudinal study of early reading difficulties and subsequent problem behaviors
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  Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 2011, 52(3), 242-250.
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Stefan Gustafson, Linda Falth, Idor Svensson, Tomas Tjus and Mikael Heimann
  Effects of Three Interventions on the Reading Skills of Children With Reading Disabilities in Grade 2
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Janna Ferreira, Jerker Rönnberg, Stefan Gustafson and Åsa Wengelin
  Phonological awareness training to teach children with impairments in reading or speech
  , 2007, , .

Stefan Gustafson, Janna Ferreira and Jerker Rönnberg
  Phonological or orthographic training for children with phonological or orthographic decoding deficits
  Dyslexia, 2007, 13(3), 211-229.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 8

Janna Ferreira, Jerker Rönnberg, Stefan Gustafson and Åsa Wengelin
  Reading why not?: Literacy skills in children with motor and speech impairments
  Communication Disorders Quarterly, 2007, 28(4), 236-251.

Stefan Gustafson
  Cognitive Abilities and Print Exposure in Surface and Phonological Types of Reading Disability
  Scientific Studies of Reading, 2001, 5(4), 351-375.

Stefan Gustafson, Stefan Samuelsson and Jerker Rönnberg
  Why Do Some Resist Phonological Intervention?: A Swedish longitudinal study of poor readers in Grade 4
  Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 2000, 44(2), 145 -162.

Stefan Gustafson and Stefan Samuelsson
  Intelligence and dyslexia: Implications for diagnosis and intervention
  Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 1999, 40(2), 127-134.

Stefan Samuelsson, Stefan Gustafson and Jerker Rönnberg
  Visual and auditory priming in Swedish poor readers: a double dissociation
  Dyslexia, 1998, 4(1), 16-29.

Stefan Samuelsson, Stefan Gustavsson and Jerker Rönnberg
  Fonologisk träning för elever med lässvårigheter på mellanstadiet
  Socialmedicinsk tidskrift, 1997, 74(1), 33-37.

Stefan Samuelsson, Stefan Gustafson and Jerker Rönnberg
  The Development of Word-decoding Skills in Young Readers
  Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 1996, 40(4), 325-332.

Chapters in Books

Mikael Heimann and Stefan Gustafson
  Lärande, läsning och multimodalitet
  Barn läser och skriver – specialpedagogiska perspektiv, Studentlitteratur, 2009, 193-208.

Stefan Gustavsson, Stefan Samuelsson and Jerker Rönnberg
  Phonological training and reading comprehension: Why do some resist?
  Reading disability and its treatment, Läspedagogiska institutet EMIR, 1997, .

Conference Articles

Tomas Jungert and Stefan Gustafson
  Attributional style, academic self-efficacy, and attempts to influence the study environment
  Dynamics within and outside the lab: Proceedings from the 6th GRASP conference, 2009.

Janna Ferreira, Stefan Gustavsson and Jerker Rönnberg
  Comphot-Computerized Phonological training promoting literacy among children with CP.
  ISAAC,2002, 2002.

Stefan Gustafson, Jerker Rönnberg and Stefan Samuelsson
  Visual and auditory priming interacts with word decoding strategy
  The 4th International Conference of the British Dyslexia Association, University of York, UK, April 1st - 4th 1997, 1997.

Ph.D. Theses

Åsa Elwér
  Early Predictors of Reading Comprehension Difficulties

  Fulltext PDF

Stefan Gustafson
  Varieties of reading disability: Phonological and orthographic word decoding deficits and implications for interventions

  Fulltext PDF


Stefan Gustafson and Stefan Samuelsson
  Fonologiska övningar: ett sätt att stimulera läsutvecklingen hos barn i åldrarna 7-12 år
  EMIR rapport, 3, 1998.

Stefan Samuelsson, Stefan Gustavsson and Jerker Rönnberg
  LPI-projektet (Läsning och pedagogisk intervention; Reading and pedagogical intervention)

Stefan Samuelsson, Stefan Gustavsson and Jerker Rönnberg
  Fonologisk träning som intervention för lässvaga: en pågående longitudinell studie i Norrköpings kommun
  MIMER : Nationellt program för folkbildningsforskning, 51, 1997.

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