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Journal Articles

Lise-Lott Lundvall, Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren and Staffan Wirell
  How do technical improvements change radiographers’ practice: a practice theory perspective
  Radiography, 2015, 21(3), 231-235.

Bengt Norén, Nils Dahlström, Mikael Forsgren, Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard, Stergios Kechagias, Sven Almer, Staffan Wirell, Örjan Smedby and Peter Lundberg
  Visual assessment of biliary excretion of Gd-EOB-DTPA in patients with suspected diffuse liver disease – a biopsy-controlled prospective study
  European Journal of Radiology Open, 2015, 2, 19-25.

Lise-Lott Lundvall, Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren and Staffan Wirell
  Professionals' experiences of imaging in the radiography process – A phenomenological approach
  Radiography, 2014, 20(1), 48-52.
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Niklas Wilhelmsson, Lars Owe Dahlgren, Håkan Hult, Staffan Wirell, Torbjörn Ledin and Anna Josephson
  Phenomenographic study of basic science understanding-senior medical students' conceptions of fatigue
  Education for Health, 2013, 26(3), 156-163.
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Mattias Ragnehed, Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard, Johan Pihlsgård, Staffan Wirell, Hannibal Sökjer, Patrik Fägerstam, Bo Jiang, Örjan Smedby, Maria Engström and Peter Lundberg
  Visual Grading of 2D and 3D fMRI compared to image based descriptive measures
  European Radiology, 2010, 20(3), 714-724.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1

Charlotte Silén, Staffan Wirell, Joanna Kvist, Eva Nylander, Anna Fyrénius and Örjan Smedby
  Advanced 3D visualization in student-centred medical education
  Medical teacher, 2008, 30(5), e115-e124.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 41

Bengt Norén, Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard, Peter Lundberg, Sven Almer, Stergios Kechagias, Mattias Ekstedt, Lennart Franzén, Staffan Wirell and Örjan Smedby
  Separation of advanced from mild fibrosis in diffuse liver disease using 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  European Journal of Radiology, 2008, 66(2), 313-320.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 23

Anna Fyrenius, Staffan Wirell and Charlotte Silén
  Student approaches to achieving understanding ― Approaches to learning revisited
  Studies in Higher Education, 2007, 32(2), 149-165.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 27

Anna Fyrenius, Charlotte Silén and Staffan Wirell
  Students' conceptions of underlying principles in medical physiology: An interview study of medical students understanding in a PBL curriculum
  Advances in Physiology Education, 2007, 31, 364-369.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 18

Bengt Norén, Peter Lundberg, Marcus Ressner, Staffan Wirell, Sven Almer and Örjan Smedby
  Absolute quantification of human liver metabolite concentrations by localized in vivo 31P NMR spectroscopy in diffuse liver disease
  European Radiology, 2005, 15(1), 148-157.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 24

Conference Articles

Örjan Smedby, Staffan Wirell, Joanna Kvist, Charlotte Silén, Pettersson Göran, Anna Fyrenius and Eva Nylander
  Interactive volume rendering 3D images for anatomy learning on low-end computers
  ECR - European Congress of Radiology,2007, 2007.

Eva Lund, Staffan Wirell and Göran Salerud
  Basgruppsträffar gemensamma för teknologer och lärarstuderande inom ämnet "Radiologiska bilder"
  CUP-konferens,1997, 1997.

Helene Hård af Segerstad and Staffan Wirell
  PBL a curriculum based on general learning principles?
  International Conference on Problem-Based learning in Higher Education,1995, 1995.

Ph.D. Theses

Stenman Carina
  Standardized ultrasonography with cine-loop documentation: diagnostic variability in liver and kidney examinations

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Bengt Norén
  Non-Invasive Assessment of Liver Fibrosis with 31P-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Anna Fyrenius
  Dynamiskt lärande: En ämnesdidaktisk avhandling om fysiologiska fenomen och läkarstudentens lärande

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Licentiate Theses

Lise-Lott Lundvall
  Radiographers’ professional practice: a Swedish perspective

  Fulltext PDF

Carina Stenman
  New workflow method for ultrasound examinations

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