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Journal Articles

Petter Järemo, M. Eriksson, Tomas Lindahl, Staffan Nilsson and Micha Milovanovic
  Platelets and acute cerebral infarction
  Platelets, 2013, 24(5), 407-411.
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Petter Järemo, Micha Milovanovic, Caroline Buller, Staffan Nilsson and Bengt Winblad
  Alzheimer's disease and granulocyte density diversity
  European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2013, 43(6), 545-548.
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Petter Järemo, Micha Milovanovic, Caroline Buller, Staffan Nilsson and Bengt Winblad
  P-selectin paradox and dementia of the Alzheimer type: Circulating P-selectin is increased but platelet-bound P-selectin after agonist provocation is compromised
  Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation, 2013, 73(2), 170-174.

Staffan Nilsson, Per O. Andersson, Lars Borgquist, Ewa Grodzinsky, Magnus Janzon, Magnus Kvick, Eva Landberg, Håkan Nilsson and Jan-Erik Karlsson
  Point-of-Care Troponin T Testing in the Management of Patients with Chest Pain in the Swedish Primary Care
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  International Journal of Family Medicine, 2013, 2013, .
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Joerg Haasenritter, Marc Aerts, Stefan Boesner, Frank Buntinx, Bernard Burnand, Lilli Herzig, J Andre Knottnerus, Girma Minalu, Staffan Nilsson, Walter Renier, Carol Sox, Harold Sox and Norbert Donner-Banzhoff
  Coronary heart disease in primary care: accuracy of medical history and physical findings in patients with chest pain - a study protocol for a systematic review with individual patient data
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  BMC Family Practice, 2012, 13(81), .

Anita Kärner, Staffan Nilsson, Tiny Jaarsma, Agneta Andersson, Ann-Britt Wiréhn, Peter Wodlin, Lisa Hjelmfors and Pia Tingström
  The effect of problem-based learning in patient education after an event of CORONARY heart disease - a randomised study in PRIMARY health care: design and methodology of the COR-PRIM study
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  BMC Family Practice, 2012, 13(110), .
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Petter Järemo, Micha Milovanovic, Caroline Buller, Staffan Nilsson and Bengt Winblad
  Low-density platelet populations demonstrate low in vivo activity in sporadic Alzheimer disease
  Platelets, 2012, 23(2), 116-120.
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Petter Järemo, Micha Milovanovic, Staffan Nilsson, Caroline Buller, Claes Post and Bengt Winblad
  Alzheimer's disease is characterized by more low-density erythrocytes with increased volume and enhanced β-amyloid x-40 content
  Journal of Internal Medicine, 2011, 270(5), 489-492.
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Staffan Nilsson, Sigvard Mölstad, Catarina Karlberg, Jan-Erik Karlsson and Lars-Göran Persson
  No connection between the level of exposition to statins in the population and the incidence/mortality of acute myocardial infarction: An ecological study based on Sweden’s municipalities
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  Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine, 2011, 10(6), .

Staffan Nilsson, Kjell Örtoft and Sigvard Mölstad
  The accuracy of general practitioners' clinical assessment of chest pain patients
  European Journal of General Practice, 2008, 14(2), 50-55.

Nigel Flook, Peter Unge, Lars Agreus, Bjoern W Karlson and Staffan Nilsson
  Approach to managing undiagnosed chest pain - Could gastroesophageal reflux disease be the cause?
  Canadian family physician, 2007, 53, 261-266.
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Morten Scheike, Staffan Nilsson and Eva Nylander
  Exercise testing and myocardial perfusion scintigraphy in primary care patients with chest pain of new onset
  Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, 2007, 25(2), 117-122.

Staffan Nilsson, Morten Scheike, David Engblom, Lars-Göran Karlsson, Sigvard Mölstad, Ingemar Åkerlind, Kjell Örtoft and Eva Nylander
  Chest pain and ischaemic heart disease in primary care
  British Journal of General Practice, 2003, 53(490), 378-382.
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Conference Articles

Staffan Nilsson, Pär Andersson, Magnus Janzon, Jan-Erik Karlsson and Lars Borgquist
  Efficiency of point-of-care Troponin-T testing in a Swedish primary care setting
  European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society 4th Annual Scientific Meeting, September 1-2, 2011, Berlin, Germany, 2011.

Ph.D. Theses

Staffan Nilsson
  Chest pain and ischemic heart disease: Diagnosis and management in primary health care

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