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Journal Articles

Staffan Nilsson and Kjell Rubenson
  On the determinants of employment-related organised education and informal learning
  Studies in Continuing Education, 2014, 36(3), 304-321.
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Staffan Nilsson and Sofia Nyström
  Adult learning, education, and the labour market in the employability regime
  European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults, 2013, 4(2), 171-187.

Staffan Nilsson and Kerstin Ekberg
  Employability and work ability: returning to the labour market after long-term absence
  Work: A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation, 2013, 44(4), 449-457.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Staffan Nilsson and Per-Erik Ellström
  Employability and talent management: challenges for HRD practices
  European Journal of Training and Development, 2012, 36(1), 26-45.

Staffan Nilsson
  Enhancing individual employability: the perspective of engineering graduates
  Education + Training, 2010, 52(6/7), 540-551.

Staffan Nilsson
  On the meaning of higher education in professional practice: the case of physicians and engineers
  Journal of Education and Work, 2010, 23(3), 255-274.

Staffan Nilsson, Carstensen John and Göran Pershagen
  Mortality among male and female smokers in Sweden: A 33 year follow up
  Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 2001, 55(11), 825-830.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 46

Staffan Nilsson and Carstensen John
  Mortality among male and female smokers in Sweden
  Norweigian Journal of Epidemiology, 2000, 10(2), 78-78.

Chapters in Books

Staffan Nilsson
  Om anställningsbarhet i professionella grupper
  Anställningsbarhet: Perspektiv från utbildning och arbetsliv, Studentlitteratur, 2009, 71-86.

Conference Articles

Henrik Nordvall and Staffan Nilsson
  Preventing discriminating attitudes through educational interventions?: A study of two anti-discrimination workshops for security guards
  The 40th Annual Congress of the Nordic Educational Research Association: Everyday life, education and their transformations in a Nordic and globalized context, 2012.

Staffan Nilsson and Kjell Rubenson
  Determinants of Employment-Related Informal and Formal Learning in Canada.
  The 1st International Seminar in the ESREA Network Working Life and Learning, Linköping University, November 21-22., 2011.

Staffan Nilsson
  On the Relationship between Education and Work in the Employability Discourse
  The 7th International Conference on Researching Work and Learning, 2011.

Staffan Nilsson and Rose-Marie Axelsson
  A Time of Change: Graduates' experiences' of the transition from higher education to working life
  The Positioning of Education in Contemporary Knowledge Society, 2004.

Rose-Marie Axelsson and Staffan Nilsson
  On the move: Swedish physicians' experiences of the transition from higher education to working life
  Education as a critical force: myth or reality?, 2003.

Ph.D. Theses

Staffan Nilsson
  From Higher Education To Professional Practice: A comparative study of physicians' and engineers' learning and competence use

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Staffan Nilsson, Anna Persson and Kerstin Ekberg
  Arbetsförmåga och anställningsbarhet efter långvarig sjukskrivning
  HELIX working papers, , 2009.

Michelle Pidgeon, Anne-Marie Karlberg, Staffan Nilsson, R. Allman, J. Campbell, H. Edwards, Elinor Delgatty, S Howes, A-M. Jacobi, J. Murphy, R Regan, E. Rubin, H. Tao and Lesley Andres
  The EDST Graduate Student Supervision Survey
  Research Report, The Department of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia, , 2005.

Josée Bouchard, Michelle Pidgeon, Anne-Marie Karlberg, R. Allman, J. Campbell, H. Edwards, Elinor Delgatty, S. Howes, A.M. Jakobi, Staffan Nilsson, J. Murphy, R. Regan, E. Rubin, H. Tao and Lesley Andres
  The CSSHE graduate student members' survey
  Research report, Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education, , 2004.

Staffan Nilsson
  Samarbete kring och utredning av långtidssjukskrivna
  FMC Rapport, 2001:2, 2001.

Staffan Nilsson
  Yrke, Cancer och Alkohol: En studie av alkoholrelaterad cancer i olika yrken
  Undervisningsrapport, 1999:10, 1999.

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