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Journal Articles

Vladimir Kozlov, Sonja Radosavljevic and Uno Wennergren
  Large time behavior of the logistic age-structured population model in a changing environment
  Asymptotic Analysis, 2017, 102(1-2), 21-54.

Vladimir Kozlov, Sonja Radosavljevic, Bengt-Ove Turesson and Uno Wennergren
  Estimating effective boundaries of population growth in a variable environment
  Boundary Value Problems, 2016, , 1-28.
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Chapters in Books

Vladimir Kozlov, Sonja Radosavljevic, Vladimir Tkachev and Uno Wennergren
  Persistence analysis of the age-structured population model on several patches
  Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, July 4-8, Rota, Cadiz, Spain, Vol. III, Universidad de Cádiz, 2016, 717-727.

Ph.D. Theses

Sonja Radosavljevic
  Permanence of age-structured populations in a spatio-temporal variable environment

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Licentiate Theses

Sonja Radosavljevic
  Pairs of projections on a Hilbert space:properties and generalized invertibility

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Sonja Radosavljevic and Dragan Djordjevic
  On pairs of generalized and hypergeneralized projections on a Hilbert space
  LiTH-MAT-R, 2012:01, 2012.

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Sonja Radosavljevic and Dragan Djordjevic
  On the Moore-Penrose and the Drazin inverse of two projections on Hilbert space
  LiTH-MAT-R, 2012:03, 2012.

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