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Stéphanie Da Silva, Åsa V. Keita, Sofie Mohlin, Sven Påhlman, Vassilia Théodorou, Ingrid Påhlman, Jan P. Mattson and Johan D. Söderholm
  A novel topical PPARγ agonist induces PPARγ-activity in ulcerative colitis mucosa and prevents and reverses inflammation in induced-colitis models
  Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 2018, 24(4), 792-805.

Fernando Lopes, Åsa Keita, Alpana Saxena, Jose Luis Reyes, Nicole L. Mancini, Ala Al Rajabi, Arthur Wang, Cristiane H. Baggio, Michael Dicay, Rob van Dalen, Younghee Ahn, Matheus B. H. Carneiro, Nathan C. Peters, Jong M. Rho, Wallace K. MacNaughton, Stephen E. Girardin, Humberto Jijon, Dana J. Philpott, Johan D Söderholm and Derek M. McKay
  ER-stress mobilization of death-associated protein kinase-1-dependent xenophagy counteracts mitochondria stress-induced epithelial barrier dysfunction
  Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2018, 293(9), 3073-3087.
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Olena Yakymenko, Ida Schoultz, Elisabet Gullberg, Magnus Ström, Sven Almer, Conny Wallon, Arthur Wang, Åsa Keita, Barry J. Campbell, Derek M. McKay and Johan D Söderholm
  Infliximab restores colonic barrier to adherent-invasive E. coli in Crohn's disease via effects on epithelial lipid rafts
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2018, 53(6), 677-684.

Linda Gerdin, Anders S. Eriksson, Gunnar Olaison, Rune Sjödahl, Magnus Ström, Johan D Söderholm and Pär Myrelid
  The Swedish Crohn Trial: A Prematurely Terminated Randomized Controlled Trial of Thiopurines or Open Surgery for Primary Treatment of Ileocaecal Crohns Disease
  Journal of Crohn's & Colitis, 2016, 10(1), 50-54.
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Pär Myrelid, Sa´ad Salim, Trevor Darby, Sven Almer, Silvia Melgar, Peter Andersson and Johan D. Söderholm
  Effects of anti-inflammatory therapy on bursting pressure of colonic anastomosis in murine dextran sulfate sodium induced colitis
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2015, 50(8), 991-1001.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Johan D Söderholm
  Gut immunology: Nanoparticles ferry gut antigens
  Nature Nanotechnology, 2015, 10(4), 298-299.
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Maria Vicario, Ana M. Gonzalez-Castro, Cristina Martinez, Beatriz Lobo, Marc Pigrau, Mar Guilarte, Ines de Torres, Jose L. Mosquera, Marina Fortea, Cesar Sevillano-Aguilera, Eloisa Salvo-Romero, Carmen Alonso, Bruno K. Rodino-Janeiro, Johan D. Söderholm, Fernando Azpiroz and Javier Santos
  Increased humoral immunity in the jejunum of diarrhoea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome associated with clinical manifestations
  Gut, 2015, 64(9), 1379-1388.
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Bryony N. Parsons, Paul Wigley, Hannah L. Simpson, Jonathan M. Williams, Suzie Humphrey, Anne-Marie Salisbury, Alastair J. M. Watson, Stephen C. Fry, David O'Brien, Carol L. Roberts, Niamh O'Kennedy, Åsa Keita, Johan D Söderholm, Jonathan M. Rhodes and Barry J. Campbell
  Dietary Supplementation with Soluble Plantain Non-Starch Polysaccharides Inhibits Intestinal Invasion of Salmonella Typhimurium in the Chicken
  PLoS ONE, 2014, 9(2), 87658.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 10

Peter Andersson, Rickard Norblad, Johan D Söderholm and Pär Myrelid
  Ileorectal anastomosis in comparison with ileal pouch anal anastomosis in reconstructive surgery for ulcerative colitis - a single institution experience
  Journal of Crohn's & Colitis, 2014, 8(7), 582-589.
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Hanne Vanheel, Maria Vicario, Tim Vanuytsel, Lukas Van Oudenhove, Cristina Martinez, Åsa Keita, Nicolas Pardon, Javier Santos, Johan D Söderholm, Jan Tack and Ricard Farre
  Impaired duodenal mucosal integrity and low-grade inflammation in functional dyspepsia
  Gut, 2014, 63(2), 262-271.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 85

Arthur Wang, Åsa V. Keita, Van Phan, Catherine M. McKay, Ida Schoultz, Joshua Lee, Michael P. Murphy, Maria Fernando, Natalie Ronaghan, Dale Balce, Robin Yates, Michael Dicay, Paul L. Beck, Wallace K. MacNaughton, Johan D. Söderholm and Derek M. Mckay
  Targeting Mitochondria-Derived Reactive Oxygen Species to Reduce Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction and Colitis
  American Journal of Pathology, 2014, 184(9), 2516-2527.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 33

Mats Persborn and Johan D. Söderholm
  Editorial Material: Commentary: the effects of probiotics on barrier function and mucosal pouch microbiota during maintenance treatment for severe pouchitis in patients with ulcerative colitis - authors reply
  Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2013, 38(11-12), 1406-1407.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Anders H. Carlsson, Olena Yakymenko, Isabelle Olivier, Fathima Håkansson, Emily Postma, Asa V. Keita and Johan D. Soderholm
  Faecalibacterium prausnitzii supernatant improves intestinal barrier function in mice DSS colitis
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2013, 48(10), 1136-1144.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 43

Carol L. Roberts, Åsa Keita, Bryony N. Parsons, Maelle Prorok-Hamon, Paul Knight, Craig Winstanley, Niamh O´Kennedy, Johan D. Söderholm, Jonathan M. Rhodes and Barry J. Campbell
  Soluble plantain fibre blocks adhesion and M-cell translocation of intestinal pathogens
  Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 2013, 24(1), 97-103.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 20

Mats Persborn, J Gerritsen, Conny Wallon, Anders Carlsson, L M A . Akkermans and Johan D. Söderholm
  The effects of probiotics on barrier function and mucosal pouch microbiota during maintenance treatment for severe pouchitis in patients with ulcerative colitis
  Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2013, 38(7), 772-783.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 31

Åsa Keita, A H. Carlsson, M Cigehn, Ann-Charlott Ericson, D M: Mckay and Johan D. Söderholm
  Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide regulates barrier function via mast cells in human intestinal follicle-associated epithelium and during stress in rats
  Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 2013, 25(6), e406-e417.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 13

Åsa V. Keita and Johan D. Söderholm
  Barrier dysfunction and bacterial uptake in the follicle-associated epithelium of ileal Crohns disease
  Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2012, 1258(1), 125-134.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 22

Ida Schoultz, Catherine M McKay, Rabea Graepel, Van C Phan, Arthur Wang, Johan D Söderholm and Derek M McKay
  Indomethacin-induced translocation of bacteria across enteric epithelia is reactive oxygen species-dependent and reduced by vitamin C
  American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, 2012, 303(5), G536-G545.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 11

Pär Myrelid, Johan D. Söderholm, Rune Sjödahl and Peter Andersson
  Split Stoma in Resectional Surgery of High Risk Patients with Ileocolonic Crohn’s Disease
  Colorectal Disease, 2012, 14(2), 188-193.
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Birte Zurek, Ida Schoultz, Andreas Neerincx, Luisa M Napolitano, Katharina Birkner, Eveline Bennek, Gernot Sellge, Maria Lerm, Germana Meroni, Johan D Söderholm and Thomas A Kufer
  TRIM27 Negatively Regulates NOD2 by Ubiquitination and Proteasomal Degradation
  PLoS ONE, 2012, 7(7), .
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 44

Benoit Chassaing, Nathalie Rolhion, Amelie de Vallee, Sa´ad Salim, Maelle Prorok-Hamon, Christel Neut, Barry J Campbell, Johan D Söderholm, Jean-Pierre Hugot, Jean-Frederic Colombel and Arlette Darfeuille-Michaud
  Crohn disease-associated adherent-invasive E. coli bacteria target mouse and human Peyers patches via long polar fimbriae
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Conny Wallon, Mats Persborn, Maria Jönsson, Arthur Wang, Van Phan, Maria Lampinen, Maria Vicario, Javier Santos, Philip M Sherman, Marie Carlson, Ann-Charlott Ericson, Derek M McKay and Johan D Söderholm
  Eosinophils Express Muscarinic Receptors and Corticotropin-Releasing Factor to Disrupt the Mucosal Barrier in Ulcerative Colitis
  Gastroenterology, 2011, 140(5), 1597-1607.
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Sa´ad Salim and Johan D Söderholm
  Importance of Disrupted Intestinal Barrier in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASES, 2011, 17(1), 362-381.
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Ida Schoultz, Johan D Söderholm and Derek M McKay
  Is Metabolic Stress a Common Denominator in Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
  Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 2011, 17(9), 2008-2018.
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Andreas Munch, Johan D Söderholm, A Ost, Anders Carlsson, Karl-Eric Magnusson and Magnus Ström
  Low levels of bile acids increase bacterial uptake in colonic biopsies from patients with collagenous colitis in remission
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Kimberley Lewis, Femke Lutgendorff, Van Phan, Johan D Söderholm, Philip M. Sherman and Derek M. McKay
  Enhanced Translocation of Bacteria Across Metabolically Stressed Epithelia is Reduced by Butyrate
  Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 2010, 16(7), 1138-1148.
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Maartje C. P. Geraedts, Freddy J. Troost, Rik Tinnemans, Johan D Söderholm, Robert-Jan Brummer and Wim H. M. Saris
  Release of Satiety Hormones in Response to Specific Dietary Proteins Is Different between Human and Murine Small Intestinal Mucosa
  Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2010, 56(4), 308-313.
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Åsa V Keita, Johan D Söderholm and Ann-Charlott Ericson
  Stress-induced barrier disruption of the follicle-associated epithelium involves corticotropin-releasing hormone, vasoactive intestinal peptide and mast cells
  Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 2010, 22(7), 770-e222.

Åsa V. Keita and Johan D Söderholm
  The intestinal barrier and its regulation by neuroimmune factors
  Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 2010, 22(7), 718-733.
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A Dignass, G Van Assche, J O Lindsay, M Lemann, Johan D Söderholm, J F Colombel, S Danese, A DHoore, M Gassull, F Gomollon, D W Hommes, P Michetti, C OMorain, T Oresland, A Windsor, E F Stange and S P L Travis
  The second European evidence-based Consensus on the diagnosis and management of Crohns disease: Current management
  JOURNAL OF CROHNS and COLITIS, 2010, 4(1), 28-62.
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Gert Van Assche, Axel Dignass, Walter Reinisch, C Janneke van der Woude, Andreas Sturm, Mario Guslandi, Bas Oldenburg, Philippe Marteau, Alessandro Ardizzone, Daniel C Baumgart, Geert DHaens, Paolo Gionchetti, Francisco Portela, Boris Vucelic, Johan D Söderholm, Johanna Escher, Sibylle Koletzko, Kaija-Leena Kolho, Milan Lukas, Christian Mottet, Herbert Tilg, Severine Vermeire, Frank Carbonnel, Andrew Cole, Gottfried Novacek, Max Reinshagen, Epameinondas Tsianos, Klaus Herrlinger, Bas Oldenburg, Yoram Bouhnik, Ralf Kiesslich, Eduard Stange, Simon Travis and James Lindsay
  The second European evidence-based Consensus on the diagnosis and management of Crohns disease: Special situations
  JOURNAL OF CROHNS and COLITIS, 2010, 4(1), 63-101.
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Sa'ad Salim, Manuel A Silva, Åsa Keita, Marie Larsson, Peter Andersson, Karl-Eric Magnusson, Mary H Perdue and Johan D Söderholm
  CD83(+)CCR7(-) Dendritic Cells Accumulate in the Subepithelial Dome and Internalize Translocated Escherichia coli HB101 in the Peyers Patches of Heal Crohns Disease
  American Journal of Pathology, 2009, 174(1), 82-90.
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Ida Schoultz, Deepti Verma, Jonas Halfvarsson, Leif Torkvist, Mats Fredrikson, Urban Sjoqvist, Mikael Lordal, Curt Tysk, Maria Lerm, Peter Söderkvist and Johan D Söderholm
  Combined Polymorphisms in Genes Encoding the Inflammasome Components NALP3 and CARD8 Confer Susceptibility to Crohns Disease in Swedish Men
  American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2009, 104(5), 1180-1188.
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Conny Wallon and Johan D Söderholm
  Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone and Mast Cells in the Regulation of Mucosal Barrier Function in the Human Colon
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Utrika Christerson, Åsa Keita, Johan D Söderholm and Christina Gustafson-Svard
  Increased expression of protease-activated receptor-2 in mucosal mast cells in Crohns ileitis
  JOURNAL OF CROHNS and COLITIS, 2009, 3(2), 100-108.
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Pia H. Olofsson, Lennart Mellblom, Sören Berg, Henrik Casimir Ahn, Thore Wikström, Kenth J. M. Johansson and Johan D. Söderholm
  Increased transmucosal uptake of E. coli K12 in porcine small bowel following experimental short term abdominal compartment syndrome
  , 2009, , .

Andreas Munch, Johan D Söderholm, Åke Ost and Magnus Ström
  Increased Transmucosal Uptake of E-coli K12 in Collagenous Colitis Persists After Budesonide Treatment
  American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2009, 104(3), 679-685.
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M. Andersson, P. Andersson, M. Bohe, L. Borjesson, W. Graf, B. Jeppsson, L. Torkvist, J.-E. Akerlund and Johan D Söderholm
  Kirurgi - Omistligt komplement till medicinsk behandling
  Läkartidningen, 2009, 106(45), 3003-3009.

Johan D Söderholm
  Mast Cells and Mastocytosis
  DIGESTIVE DISEASES, 2009, 27, 129-136.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 8

Johan D Söderholm and S. Pettersson
  Polygenetisk störning i första linjens mukosaförsvar
  Läkartidningen, 2009, 106(45), 2974-2978.

Utrika Christerson, Åsa Keita, Johan D Söderholm and Christina Gustafson-Svard
  Potential role of protease-activated receptor-2-stimulated activation of cytosolic phospholipase A(2) in intestinal myofibroblast proliferation: Implications for stricture formation in Crohns disease
  JOURNAL OF CROHNS and COLITIS, 2009, 3(1), 15-24.
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Femke Lutgendorff, Rian M Nijmeijer, Per A Sandström, Lena M Trulsson, Karl-Eric Magnusson, Harro M Timmerman, L Paul van Minnen, Ger T Rijkers, Hein G Gooszen, Louis M A Akkermans and Johan D Söderholm
  Probiotics prevent intestinal barrier dysfunction in acute pancreatitis in rats via induction of ileal mucosal glutathione biosynthesis.
  PLoS ONE, 2009, 4(2), e4512.
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Maren Amasheh, Ingo Grotjohann, Salah Amasheh, Anja Fromm, Johan D Söderholm, Martin Zeitz, Michael Fromm and Joerg-Dieter Schulzke
  Regulation of mucosal structure and barrier function in rat colon exposed to tumor necrosis factor alpha and interferon gamma in vitro: A novel model for studying the pathomechanisms of inflammatory bowel disease cytokines
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Peter Andersson and Johan D Söderholm
  Surgery in ulcerative colitis: indication and timing.
  Digestive diseases (Basel, Switzerland), 2009, 27(3), 335-340.
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Conny Wallon, P. Yang, Åsa Keita, Ann-Charlott Ericson, D. M. McKay, P. M. Sherman, M. H. Perdue and Johan D. Söderholm
  Corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) regulates macromolecular permeability via mast cells in normal human colonic biopsies in vitro
  Gut, 2008, 57(1), 50-58.
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K. Lewis, J. Caldwell, V. Phan, D. Prescott, A. Nazli, A. Wang, Johan D Söderholm, M.H. Perdue, P.M. Sherman and D.M. McKay
  Decreased epithelial barrier function evoked by exposure to metabolic stress and nonpathogenic E. coli is enhanced by TNF-a
  American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, 2008, 294(3), .
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M.A. Silva, R. Quera, J. Valenzuela, Sa´ad Salim, Johan D Söderholm and M.H. Perdue
  Dendritic cells and toll-like receptors 2 and 4 in the ileum of Crohn's disease patients
  Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 2008, 53(7), 1917-1928.
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Livia Biancone, Pierre Michetti, Simon Travis, Johanna C Escher, Gabriele Moser, Alastair Forbes, Joerg C Hoffmann, Axel Dignass, Paolo Gionchetti, Guenter Jantschek, Ralf Kiesslich, Sanja Kolacek, Rod Mitchell, Julian Panes, Johan D Söderholm, Boris Vucelic and Eduard Stange
  European evidence-based Consensus on the management of ulcerative colitis: Special situations
  JOURNAL OF CROHNS and COLITIS, 2008, 2(1), 63-92.
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Åsa Keita, Sa´ad Salim, T. Jiang, P-C Yang, Lennart Franzén, Peter Söderkvist, Karl-Eric Magnusson and Johan D Söderholm
  Increased uptake of non-pathogenic E. coli via the follicle-associated epithelium in longstanding ileal Crohn's disease
  Journal of Pathology, 2008, 215(2), 135-144.
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Femke Lutgendorff, Lena Trulsson, L. Paul van Minnen, Ger T. Rijkers, Harro M. Timmerman, Lennart E. Franzén, Hein G. Gooszen, Louis M. A. Akkermans, Johan D Söderholm and Per Sandström
  Probiotics enhance pancreatic glutathione biosynthesis and reduce oxidative stress in experimental acute pancreatitis
  American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, 2008, 295(5), .
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Femke Lutgendorff, L. M. Akkermans and Johan D Söderholm
  The role of microbiota and probiotics in stress-induced gastrointestinal damage
  Current molecular medicine, 2008, 8(4), 282-298.
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Eva Ge Ragnarsson, Ida Schoultz, Elisabet Gullberg, Anders Carlsson, Farideh Tafazoli, Maria Lerm, Karl-Eric Magnusson, Johan D Söderholm and Per Artursson
  Yersinia pseudotuberculosis induces transcytosis of nanoparticles across human intestinal villus epithelium via invasin-dependent macropinocytosis
  Laboratory Investigation, 2008, 88(11), 1215-1226.
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Andreas Münch, Magnus Ström and Johan D Söderholm
  Dihydroxy bile acids increase mucosal permeability and bacterial uptake in human colon biopsies
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2007, 42(10), 1167-1174.
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Asa V. Keita, Linda Stertman, Yi-Qian Sun, Agneta Larhed, Ingvar Sjoholm and Johan D Söderholm
  Effects of chronic stress on the immune response to oral human serum albumin-conjugated starch microparticles in rats
  Journal of Neuroimmunology, 2007, 183(01-Feb), 33-42.
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Johan D Söderholm
  Stress-related changes in oesophageal permeability: Filling the gaps of GORD?
  Gut, 2007, 56(9), 1177-1180.
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P. Yang, Z. Xing, C.M. Berin, Johan D Söderholm, B. Feng, L. Wu and C. Yeh
  TIM-4 Expressed by Mucosal Dendritic Cells Plays a Critical Role in Food Antigen-Specific Th2 Differentiation and Intestinal Allergy
  Gastroenterology, 2007, 133(5), 1522-1533.
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X.-Y. Wang, N. Zarate, Johan D Söderholm, J.M. Bourgeois, L.W.C. Liu and J.D. Huizinga
  Ultrastructural injury to interstitial cells of Cajal and communication with mast cells in Crohn's disease
  Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 2007, 19(5), 349-364.
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Åsa V Keita, Elisabet Gullberg, Ann-Charlott Ericson, Sa’ad Y Salim, Conny Wallon, Anders Kald, Per Artursson and Johan D Söderholm
  Characterization of antigen and bacterial transport in the follicle-associated epithelium of human ileum
  Laboratory investigation, 2006, 86(5), 504-516.
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Ping-Chang Yang, Jennifer Jury, Johan D Söderholm, Philip M Sherman, Derek M McKay and Mary H Perdue
  Chronic psychological stress in rats induces intestinal sensitization to luminal antigens
  American Journal of Pathology, 2006, 168(1), 104-114.
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Aisha Nazli, Arthur Wang, Oren Steen, David Prescott, Jun Lu, Mary H Perdue, Johan D Söderholm, Philip M Sherman and Derek M McKay
  Enterocyte cytoskeleton changes are crucial for enhanced translocation of nonpathogenic Escherichia coli across metabolically stressed gut epithelia
  Infection and Immunity, 2006, 74(1), 192-201.
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Elisabet Gullberg, Åsa Keita, Sa´ad Salim, Margaretha Andersson, Karin D Caldwell, Johan D Söderholm and Per Artursson
  Identification of cell adhesion molecules in the human follicle-associated epithelium that improve nanoparticle uptake into the Peyer's patches
  Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 2006, 319(2), 632-639.
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Elisabet Gullberg and Johan D Söderholm
  Peyer's patches and M cells as potential sites of the inflammatory onset in Crohn's disease
  Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2006, 1072, 218-232.
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M Zareie, K Johnson-Henry, J Jury, P-C Yang, B-Y Ngan, DM McKay, Johan D Söderholm, MH Perdue and PM Sherman
  Probiotics prevent bacterial translocation and improve intestinal barrier function in rats following chronic psychological stress
  Gut, 2006, 55(11), 1553-1560.
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Camilla Sjöstedt, Ulf Hannestad, Lennart Franzén, Johan D Söderholm and Kurt Borch
  Atrophic gastritis is associated with increased sucrose permeability related to chronic inflammation
  Digestion, 2005, 72(4), 201-206.
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Andreas Münch, Johan D Söderholm, Conny Wallon, Åke Öst, Gunnar Olaison and Magnus Ström
  Dynamics of mucosal permeability and inflammation in collagenous colitis before, during, and after loop ileostomy
  Gut, 2005, 54(8), 1126-1128.
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Conny Wallon, Ylva Braaf, Mats Wolving, Gunnar Olaison and Johan D. Söderholm
  Endoscopic biopsies in Ussing chambers evaluated for studies of macromolecular permeability in the human colon
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2005, 40(5), 586-595.
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Yi-Qian Sun, Fredrik Petersson, Hans-Jürg Monstein, Johan D Söderholm, Jens F Rehfeld and Kurt Borch
  Long-term morpho-functional development of Helicobacter pylori-induced gastritis in Mongolian gerbils
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2005, 40(10), 1157-1167.
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Mehri Zareie, Jason Riff, Kevin Donato, Derek M McKay, Mary H Perdue, Johan D Söderholm, Mohamed Karmali, Mitchell B Cohen, Jennifer Hawkins and Philip M Sherman
  Novel effects of the prototype translocating Escherichia coli, strain C25 on intestinal epithelial structure and barrier function
  Cellular Microbiology, 2005, 7(12), 1782-1797.
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Aisha Nazli, Ping-Chang Yang, Jennifer Jury, Kathryn Howe, James L Watson, Johan D Söderholm, Philip M Sherman, Mary H Perdue and Derek M McKay
  Epithelia under metabolic stress perceive commensal bacteria as a threat
  American Journal of Pathology, 2004, 164, 947-957.
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Åsa Velin Keita, Ann-Charlott Ericson, Ylva Braaf, Conny Wallon and Johan D Söderholm
  Increased antigen and bacterial uptake in follicle-associated epithelium induced by chronic psychological stress in rats
  Gut, 2004, 53(4), 494-500.
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Johan D Söderholm, C Streutker, P-C Yang, C Paterson, PK Singh, DM McKay, PM Sherman, K Croitoru and MH Perdue
  Increased epithelial uptake of protein antigens in the ileum of Crohn's disease mediated by tumour necrosis factor α
  Gut, 2004, 53(12), 1817-1824.
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Yi-Qian Sun, Johan D Söderholm, Fredrik Petersson and Kurt Borch
  Long-standing gastric mucosal barrier dysfunction in Helicobacter pylori-induced gastritis in Mongolian gerbils
  Helicobacter, 2004, 9(3), 217-227.
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Rune Sjödahl, Pär Myrelid and Johan D Söderholm
  Anal and rectal cancer in Crohn's disease
  Colorectal Disease, 2003, 5(5), 490-495.

Johan D Söderholm, Gunnar Olaison, KH Peterson, LE Franzén, T Lindmark, Mikael Wirén, Christer Tagesson and Rune Sjödahl
  Augmented increase in tight junction permeability by luminal stimuli in the non-inflamed ileum of crohn's disease
  Gut, 2002, 50(3), 307-313.
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Johan D Söderholm, Ping-Chang Yang, Peter Ceponis, Angeli Vohra, Robert Riddell, Philip M Sherman and Mary Perdue
  Chronic stress induces mast cell-dependent bacterial adherence and initiates mucosal inflammation in rat intestine
  Gastroenterology, 2002, 123, 1099-1108.

Brooke Sayer, Jun Lu, Christina Green, Johan D Söderholm, Mahmood Akhtar and Derek M McKay
  Dextran sodium sulphate-induced colitis perturbs muscarinic cholinergic control of colonic epithelial ion transport
  British Journal of Pharmacology, 2002, 135, 1794-1800.

Johan D Söderholm, Claes Malm, Gunnar Juliusson and Rune Sjödahl
  Long-term endoscopic remission of Crohn disease after autologous stem cell transplantation for acute myeloid leukaemia
  Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2002, 37(5), 613-616.
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Johan D Söderholm, Derrick Yates, Mélanie Gareau, Ping-Chang Yang, Glenda MacQueen and Mary Perdue
  Neonatal maternal separation predisposes adult rats to colonic barrier dysfunction in response to mild stress
  American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, 2002, 283, 1257-1263.

Derrick Yates, Javier Santos, Johan D Söderholm and Mary Perdue
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Ph.D. Theses

Lina Yakymenko Alkaissi
  Bacterial epithelial interaction in intestinal inflammation

  Fulltext PDF

Anders Carlsson
  Role of mast cells and probiotics in the regulation of intestinal barrier function

  Fulltext PDF

Andreas Münch
  Collagenous colitis: The influence of inflammation and bile acids on intestinal barrier function

  Fulltext PDF

Pär Myrelid
  Surgery and immuno modulation in Crohn’s disease

  Fulltext PDF

Åsa Keita
  Barrier function of the Follicle-Associated Epithelium in Stress and Crohn's disease

  Fulltext PDF

Conny Wallon
  Neuro-immune regulation of macromolecular permeability in the normal human colon and in ulcerative colitis

  Fulltext PDF

Johan Dabrosin-Söderholm
  Epithelial barrier dysfunction in ileal Crohn's disease

Licentiate Theses

Mats Persborn
  Studies of barrier function in patients with ulcerative colitis and pouchitis

  Fulltext PDF

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