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Journal Articles

Carl-Johan Rundgren, Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren, Yuen-Hsien Tseng, Pei-Ling Lin and Chun-Yen Chang
  Are you SLiM? Developing an instrument for civic scientific literacy measurement(SLiM) based on media coverage
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  Public Understanding of Science, 2012, 21(6), 759-773.
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Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren
  How does background affect attitudes to socioscientific issues in Taiwan?
  Public Understanding of Science, 2011, 20(6), 722-732.

Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren and Carl-Johan Rundgren
  SEE-SEP: From a separate to a holistic view on socio-scientific issues
  Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, 2010, 11(1), Article 2.

Yuen-Hsien Tseng, Chun-Yen Chang, Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren and Carl-Johan Rundgren
  Mining Concept Maps from News Stories for Measuring Civic Scientific Literacy in Media.
  Computers and education, 2010, 55(1), 165-177.
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Carl-Johan Rundgren, Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren and Konrad Schönborn
  Students’ conceptions of water transport
  Journal of Biological Education, 2010, 44(3), 129-135.
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Shu-Nu Chang, Yau-Yuen Yeung and May Hung Cheng
  Ninth graders’ learning interests, life experiences and attitudes towards science & technology
  Journal of Science Education and Technology, 2009, 18(5), 447-457.
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Shu-Nu Chang
  Using authentic assessment to investigate modeling ability
  Science Education Monthly, 2008, 308, 2-6.

Shu-Nu Chang
  Investigating Taiwanese 9th-graders’ scientific literacy via authentic assessment
  Asia - Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, 2008, 9(1), article 15.

Shu-Nu Chang and M. H. Chiu
  Lakatos' scientific research programmes as a framework for analysing informal argumentation about socioscientific issues
  International Journal of Science Education, 2008, 30(13), 1753-1773.

Shu-Nu Chang
  Implementing “Science Across the World” in a Resource-Based Learning Activity regarding Sustainable Development Issues
  Science Education International, 2007, 18(4), 245-254.

Shu-Nu Chang
  Externalizing students' mental models through concept maps
  Journal of Biological Education, 2007, 41(3), 107-112.

Shu-Nu Chang
  Teaching argumentation through the visual models in a resource-based learning environment
  Asia - Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, 2007, 8(1), article 5.

Shu-Nu Chang
  The investigation of the current Taiwanese senior high school students’ attitudes towards the vocation for science
  Taiwan Education Review, 2005, 636, 33-37.

Shu-Nu Chang and Mei-Hung Chiu
  The development of authentic assessments to investigate ninth graders' scientific literacy: in the case of scientific cognition concerning the concepts of chemistry and physics
  International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 2005, 3(1), 117-140.

Shu-Nu Chang
  To reflect educational learning via researches in cognitive science: In the case of reasoning
  Research and Development in Science Education Quarterly, 2004, 34, 29-40.

Shu-Nu Chang
  Investigate creative problem solving from the cases of patents
  Business Education Quarterly, 2003, 90, 48-52.

Shu-Nu Chang, C. H. Lin and A. Lin
  An acidic amino acid cluster regulates the nucleolar localization and ribosome assembly of human ribosomal protein L22
  FEBS Letters, 2000, 484(1), 22-28.

Chapters in Books

Y.-L. Sie, T.-H. Wang, H.-P. Chang, Shu-Nu Chang and T. K. Shih
  A SCORM-based caching strategy for supporting ubiquitous learning environment
  Autonomic and Trusted Computing: Third International Conference, ATC 2006, Wuhan, China, September 3-6, 2006. Proceedings, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, 2006, 551-560.

Conference Articles

Carl-Johan Rundgren, Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren, Yuen-Hsien Tseng and Chun-Yen Chang
  Difficult biological concepts in media coverage
  National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST), April 3-6, Orlando, FL, USA., 2011.

Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren, Carl-Johan Rundgren and C-Y Chang
  Comparing Swedish senior high and undergraduate students’ scientific literacy in media (SLiM) regarding biological terms
  ICASE, 2010.

Carl-Johan Rundgren, Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren and C-Y Chang
  Are you SLiM from a biological perspective? -- Evaluating scientific literacy in media regarding biological terms
  ERIDOB, 2010.

Nina Christenson, Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren and H.-O. Höglund
  Upper secondary students’ use of scientific knowledge in arguing socioscientific issues
  ERIDOB, 2010.

Nina Christenson and Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren
  Investigating students’ use of knowledge, value and personal experiences (KVP) in relation to the different attributes of socioscientific issues
  AABE, 2010.

Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren, Carl-Johan Rundgren, Chun-Yen Chang and Y-H Tseng
  Cultural comparison of scientific literacy in media (SLiM) – From the perspective of biology subject
  AABE, 2010.

Carl-Johan Rundgren, Richard Hirsch, Lena Tibell and Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren
  Students’ Use of Terms and Conceptual Understanding inMaking Meaning of Visualizations of Protein Function
  AABE, 2010.

Carl-Johan Rundgren, Richard Hirsch, Lena A. E. Tibell and Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren
  Help-words – a Creative Way of Making Sense of visualizations in molecular life science
  ERIDOB 2010, 2010.

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