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Journal Articles

Björn Lidestam, Johan Holgersson and Shahram Moradi
  Comparison of informational vs. energetic masking effects on speechreading performance
  Frontiers in Psychology, 2014, 5(639), .
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Shahram Moradi, Björn Lidestam, Amin Saremi and Jerker Rönnberg
  Gated auditory speech perception: effects of listening conditions and cognitive capacity
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  Frontiers in Psychology, 2014, 5(531), .
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Björn Lidestam, Shahram Moradi, Rasmus Pettersson and Theodor Ricklefs
  Audiovisual training is better than auditory-only training for auditory-only speech-in-noise identification
  Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 2014, 136(2), EL142-EL147.
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Shahram Moradi, Björn Lidestam, Mathias Hällgren and Jerker Rönnberg
  Gated auditory speech perception in elderly hearing aid users and elderly normal-hearing individuals: effects of hearing impairment and cognitive capacity
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  Trends in Hearing, 2014, 18, .
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Ghorban Hemati Alamdarloo, Shahram Moradi and Gholam reza Dehshiri
  The Relationship between Students’ Conceptions of Learning and Their Academic Achievement
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  Psychology, 2013, 4(1), 44-49.
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Shahram Moradi, Björn Lidestam and Jerker Rönnberg
  Gated audiovisual speech identification in silence vs. noise: effects on time and accuracy
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  Frontiers in Psychology, 2013, 4(00359), .
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Reza Kormi-Nouri, Alireza Moradi, Shahram Moradi, Saeed Akbari-Zardkhaneh and Haedeh Zahedian
  The effect of bilingualism on letter and category fluency tasks in primary school children: Advantage or disadvantage?
  Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 2012, 15(2), 351-364.
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Conference Articles

Shahram Moradi, Björn Lidestam and Jerker Rönnberg
  Time window of speech recognition in silent and noisy conditions: A gating paradigm study
  Aging and Speech Communication conference, Bloomington , Indiana, October 10-12 2011, 2011.

Shahram Moradi, Jerker Rönnberg and Björn Lidestam
  Gated audiovisual integration in silence and noise
  FAS Graduate School, Centrum för Kommunikationsvetenskap, Linnaeus Centre HEAD and HEAD Graduate School workshop, From Speech to Understanding: Biological and cognitive mechanisms, November 10-12, 2010, Södertälje Sweden, 2010.

Shahram Moradi, Jerker Rönnberg and Björn Lidestam
  Audiovisual integration in noise and silent conditions: Using a gating paradigm procedure
  HEAD Graduate School Third Summer Workshop. Hearing and deafness from memory to society - ongoing thesis projects. June 14-15,2010, Vildmarkshotellet, Kolmården Zoo, Sweden., 2010.

Shahram Moradi
  Comparison of deaf and hearing children in working memory and problem solving
  HEAD Graduate School Second Summer Workshop, Båsenberga Hotell & Konferens, Båsenberga, Sweden, 2009.

Ph.D. Theses

Shahram Moradi
  Time is of the essence in speech perception!: Get it fast, or think about it

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