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Jakob Domert, Sahana Bhima Rao, Lotta Agholme, Ann-Christin Brorsson, Jan Marcusson, Martin Hallbeck and Sangeeta Nath
  Spreading of Amyloid-β Peptides via Neuritic Cell-to-cell Transfer Is Dependent on Insufficient Cellular Clearance
  Neurobiology of Disease, 2014, 65, 82-92.
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Lotta Agholme, Sangeeta Nath, Jakob Domert, Jan Marcusson, Katarina Kågedal and Martin Hallbeck
  Proteasome Inhibition Induces Stress Kinase Dependent Transport Deficits – Implications for Alzheimer’s Disease
  Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 2014, 58, 29-39.
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Martin Hallbeck, Sangeeta Nath and Jan Marcusson
  Neuron-to-Neuron Transmission of Neurodegenerative Pathology
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  The Neuroscientist, 2013, 19(6), 560-566.
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Sangeeta Nath, Lotta Agholme, Firoz Roshan, Björn Granseth, Jan Marcusson and Martin Hallbeck
  Spreading of Neurodegenerative Pathology via Neuron-to-Neuron Transmission of beta-Amyloid
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  Journal of Neuroscience, 2012, 32(26), 8767-8777.
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