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Journal Articles

Wisdom Kanda, Olof Hjelm and Santiago Mejiá Dugand
  Promoting the export of environmental technologies: An analysis of governmental initiatives from eight countries
  Environmental Development, 2016, 17, 73-87.
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Santiago Mejía-Dugand
  The Evolution of Sweden's Urban Sustainability Marketing Tool: A Comparative Study of Two Major International Events
  The Journal of urban technology, 2016, 23(2), 65-80.

Santiago Mejia Dugand, Wisdom Kanda and Olof Hjelm
  Analyzing international city networks for sustainability: A study of five major Swedish cities
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  Journal of Cleaner Production, 2016, 134(part A), 61-69.
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Wisdom Kanda, Santiago Mejiá-Dugand and Olof Hjelm
  Governmental export promotion initiatives: awareness, participation, and perceived effectiveness among Swedish environmental technology firms
  Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015, 98, 222-228.
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Santiago Mejía-Dugand, Olof Hjelm, Leenard Baas and Ramiro Alberto Ríos
  Lessons from the spread of Bus Rapid Transit in Latin America
  Journal of Cleaner Production, 2013, 50, 82-90.
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Conference Articles

Santiago Mejía-Dugand, Wisdom Kanda and Olof Hjelm
  Analyzing city networks for the diffusion of environmental innovations: A study of five major Swedish cities
  Conference Proceedings, ERSCP 2014, 14-16 October 2014, Portorož, Slovenia, 2014.

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Wisdom Kanda, Santiago Mejiá Dugand and Olof Hjelm
  Environmental technology exports: Analyzing Swedish government and firms' initiatives
  Greening of Industry Network (GIN) 2012, 22-24 October 2012, Linköping, Sweden, 2012.

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Santiago Mejia Dugand, Olof Hjelm and Leenard Baas
  Megacities: turning ten million faces at Swedish environmental technology
  The R&D Management Conference 2011, 28-30 June, Norrköping, Sweden, 2011.

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Santiago Mejia Dugand, Olof Hjelm and Leenard Baas
  Improving energy and material flows: a contribution to sustainability in megacities
  World Renewable Energy Congress 2011, 2011.

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Ph.D. Theses

Santiago Mejía-Dugand
  Environmental Technology and its Role in the Search for Urban Environmental Sustainability: The Dynamics of Adaptation

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Licentiate Theses

Santiago Mejía-Dugand
  Diffusion of Environmental Technology in a Megacity - A case study of Mexico City

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Leenard Baas, Dick Magnusson and Santiago Mejía-Dugand
  Emerging selective enlightened self-interest trends in society: Consequences for demand and supply of renewable energy
  LIU-IEI-R, 204, 2014.

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Santiago Mejía-Dugand, Olof Hjelm and Leenard Baas
  Sustainable business and clean technology markets in megacities: an explorative research of their dynamics in Cairo and Mexico City
  LIU-IEI-R, 187, 2013.

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Wisdom Kanda, Olof Hjelm and Santiago Mejia-Dugand
  Environmental Technology Export Promotion: A study of governmental initiatives in selected countries
  LIU-IEI-R, 12:005, 2012.

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