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Journal Articles

Samuel Edelbring, Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren and Desiree Wiegleb Edstrom
  Characteristics of two questionnaires used to assess interprofessional learning: psychometrics and expert panel evaluations
  BMC Medical Education, 2018, 18, .
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Anne Friman, Desirée Wiegleb Edström and Samuel Edelbring
  Attitudes and perceptions from nursing and medical students towards the other profession in relation to wound care
  Journal of Interprofessional Care, 2017, 31(5), 620-627.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1

Renée Allvin, Magnus Berndtzon, Liisa Carlzon, Samuel Edelbring, Håkan Hult, Magnus Hultin, Klas Karlgren, Italo Masiello, Marie-Louise Södersved Källestedt and Éva Tamás
  Confident but not theoretically grounded: experienced simulation educators perceptions of their own professional development
  Advances in Medical Education and Practice, 2017, 8, 99-108.
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Sofia Nyström, Johanna Dahlberg, Samuel Edelbring, Håkan Hult and Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren
  Continuing professional development: pedagogical practices of interprofessional simulation in health care
  Studies in Continuing Education, 2017, 39(3), 303-319.

Cecilia Escher, Hans Rystedt, Johan Creutzfeldt, Lisbet Meurling, Sofia Nyström, Johanna Dahlberg, Samuel Edelbring, Torben Nordahl Amorøe, Håkan Hult, Li Felländer-Tsai and Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren
  Method matters: impact of in-scenario instruction on simulation-based teamwork training
  Advances in Simulation, 2017, 2(25), .
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Inga Hege, Andrzej A. Kononowicz, Daniel Tolks, Samuel Edelbring and Katja Kuehlmeyer
  A qualitative analysis of virtual patient descriptions in healthcare education based on a systematic literature review
  BMC Medical Education, 2016, 16(146), .
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Sofia Nyström, Johanna Dahlberg, Samuel Edelbring, Håkan Hult and Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren
  Debriefing practices in interprofessional simulation with students: A sociomaterial perspective
  BMC Medical Education, 2016, 16(148), 1-8.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Samuel Edelbring and Rolf Wahlström
  Dynamics of study strategies and teacher regulation in virtual patient learning activities: a cross sectional survey
  BMC Medical Education, 2016, 16(1), 122.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Andrzej A. Kononowicz, Luke Woodham, Carina Georg, Samuel Edelbring, Natalia Stathakarou, David Davies, Italo Masiello, Nakul Saxena, Lorainne Tudor Car, Josip Car and Nabil Zary
  Virtual patient simulations for health professional education
  Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2016, (5), .
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Andrzej Kononowicz, Nabil Zary, Samuel Edelbring, Janet Corral and Inga Hege
  Virtual patients - what are we talking about? A framework to classify the meanings of the term in healthcare education
  BMC Medical Education, 2015, 15(11), .

Krzysztof Nesterowicz, Tadeusz Librowski and Samuel Edelbring
  Validating e-learning in continuing pharmacy education: user acceptance and knowledge change
  BMC Medical Education, 2014, 14(33), .

Samuel Edelbring
  Research into the use of virtual patients is moving forward by zooming out
  Medical Education, 2013, 47(6), 544-546.

Samuel Edelbring, Olle Broström, Peter Henriksson, Daphne Vassiliou, Jonas Spaak, Lars-Ove Dahlgren, Uno Fors and Nabil Zary
  Integrating virtual patients into courses: follow-up seminars and perceived benefit
  Medical Education, 2012, 46(4), 417-425.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 18

Samuel Edelbring
  Measuring strategies for learning regulation in medical education: Scale reliability and dimensionality in a Swedish sample.
  BMC Medical Education, 2012, 12(76), .

Samuel Edelbring
  Validating Knowledge and Fostering Creativity in the University
  Thrita, 2012, 1(2), 67-68.

Samuel Edelbring, Maryam Dastmalchi, Håkan Hult, Ingrid E. Lundberg and Lars-Ove Dahlgren
  Experiencing virtual patients in clinical learning: a phenomenological study
  Advances in Health Sciences Education, 2011, 16(3), 331-345.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 18

Linda Wijk, Samuel Edelbring, Anna-Karin Svensson, Klas Karlgren, Marianne Kristiansson and Uno GH Fors
  A pilot for a computer-based simulation system for risk estimation and treatment of mentally disordered offenders.
  Informatics for Health and Social Care, 2009, 34(2), 106-115.

Carl-Fredrik Wahlgren, Samuel Edelbring, Uno GH Fors, Hans Hindbeck and Mona Ståhle
  Evaluation of an interactive case simulation system in dermatology and venereology for medical students
  BMC Medical Education, 2006, 6(40), .

Samuel Edelbring, Uno GH Fors and Björn Saether
  SvalSim—field work simulation system for problem-oriented learning in petroleum geology
  CAL-laborate International, 2004, 12(1), 9-11.

Chapters in Books

Samuel Edelbring
  A three-fold framework for relating to innovations and technology in education: learning from, with and about technology
  Interprofessional E-Learning and Collaborative Work: practices and technologies, IGI Global, 2010, 23-33.

Conference Articles

Samuel Edelbring and Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren
  Bodies in Simulation: Exploring Sociomaterial Theory in Collaborative Video-Analysis
  Independent Session: <em>What You See is What</em><em> You Get? Comparing Techniques of Video as a Means of Data Collection and Analysis in Research on Interprofessional Simulation</em>, 2016.

Desirée Wiegleb Edström, Niklas Karlsson and Samuel Edelbring
  Reality check: validating virtual patients for interprofessional wound care education
  AMEE 2016. International Association of Medical Education in Europe. Barcelona 27-31 Augusti 2016, 2016.

Anne Friman, Desirée Wiegleb Edström and Samuel Edelbring
  A mixed methods approach to nursing and medicine students’ attitudes towards collaboration
  The Association of Medical Education in Europe, AMEE, 2014.

Anne Friman, Desirée Wiegleb Edström and Samuel Edelbring
  An effort to winding future nurses and physicians together. Students’ joint learning about wound management.
  Nordic Interprofessional Network, NIPNET, 2014.

Samuel Edelbring
  Expectations and experiences of the collaborative aspect of virtual patient work.
  The Association for Medical Education in Europe, AMEE, 2013.

Samuel Edelbring and Lars Owe Dahlgren
  Phenomenology as research approach in medical education. Characteristics and empirical examples
  The Association for Medical Education in Europe, AMEE, 2010.

Samuel Edelbring, Maryam Dastmalchi, Ingrid E. Lundberg, Håkan Hult and Lars Owe Dahlgren
  Virtual Patients in clinical education from a phenomenological perspective
  The Association for Medical Education in Europe, 2009.

Ph.D. Theses

Samuel Edelbring
  Technology in education, necessary but not sufficient: understanding learning with virtual patients


Samuel Edelbring, Katarina Karlsson, Frida Meyer and Éva Tamás
  Utvärdering av IPL-simulering på Clinicum: Simuleringsdag ”Akuta situationer” för sistaårsstudenter från sjuksköterske- och läkarprogrammen HT 2016

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