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Conference Articles

Ronnie Werndin and Jan-Ove Palmberg
  Hydraulic transformers - comparison of different designs
  Scandinavian International Conference of Fluid Power, SICFP'03,2003, 2004.

Ronnie Werndin
  Hydrauliska transformatorer för energieffektiva system
  Hydraulikdagarna 2003,2003, 2004.

Anders Zachrison, Marcus Rösth, Johan Ölvander and Ronnie Werndin
  Evolve - A Vehicle Based Test Platform for Active Rear Axle Camber and Steering Control
  SAE 2003 World Congress,2003, 2003.

Andreas Johansson, Ronnie Werndin, Jan-Ove Palmberg and Peter Achten
  Dynamic analysis of shuttle technique performance applied on hydraulic transformer
  Proc. of the 3rd International Fluid Power Conference (IFK'3): Volume 2, Fluid Power Focused on Applications, 2002.

Ronnie Werndin, Andreas Johansson and Jan-Ove Palmberg
  A General Model of a Multi Displacement Machine using TLM SICFP' 01
  Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power,2001, 2001.


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