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Journal Articles

Rikard Owenius, Anngelica Jarl, Bengt-Harald Jonsson, Uno Carlsson and Per Hammarström
  GroEL-induced topological dislocation of a substrate protein β-sheet core: a solution EPR spin–spin distance study
  Journal of chemical biology, 2010, 3(3), 127-39.

Maria Engstrom, Rikard Owenius and O. Vahtras
  Ab initio g-tensor calculations of hydrogen bond effects on a nitroxide spin label
  Chemical Physics Letters, 2001, 338(4-6), 407-413.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 25

Per Hammarström, Rikard Owenius, Lars-Göran Mårtensson, Uno Carlsson and M Lindgren
  High-resolution probing of local conformational changes in proteins by the use of multiple labeling: Unfolding and self-assembly of human carbonic anhydrase II monitored by spin, fluorescent, and chemical reactivity probes
  Biophysical Journal, 2001, 80(6), 2867-2885.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 28

Rikard Owenius, Maria Engstrom, M. Lindgren and M. Huber
  Influence of solvent polarity and hydrogen bonding on the EPR parameters of a nitroxide spin label studied by 9-GHz and 95-GHz EPR spectroscopy and DFT calculations
  Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2001, 105(49), 10967-10977.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 110

Maria Osterlund, Rikard Owenius, Karin Carlsson, Uno Carlsson, Egon Persson, Mikael Lindgren, Per-Ola Freskgård and Magdalena Svensson
  Probing inhibitor-induced conformational changes along the interface between tissue factor and factor VIIa
  Biochemistry, 2001, 40(31), 9324-9328.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 11

Rikard Owenius, Marie Osterlund, Magdalena Svensson, M Lindgren, E Persson, Per-Ola Freskgård and Uno Carlsson
  Spin and fluorescent probing of the binding interface between tissue factor and factor VIIa at multiple sites
  Biophysical Journal, 2001, 81(4), 2357-2369.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 10

Per Hammarström, Malin Persson, Rikard Owenius, M. Lindgren and Uno Carlsson
  Protein substrate binding induces conformational changes in the chaperonin GroEL: A suggested mechanism for unfoldase activity
  Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2000, 275(30), 22832-22838.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 19

Marie Osterlund, Rikard Owenius, E. Persson, M. Lindgren, Uno Carlsson, P.-O. Freskgard and Magdalena Svensson
  Spectroscopic probing of the influence of calcium and the Gla domain on the interaction between the first EGF domain in factor VIla and tissue factor
  European Journal of Biochemistry, 2000, 267(20), 6204-6211.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

Conference Articles

Rikard Owenius, Anngelica Jarl, Uno Carlsson, Bengt-Harald Jonsson and Per Hammarström
  An unfolding machine in action: Streching by the chaperonin BroEL of the substrate protin core
  Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Chaperones and the heat shock response,2006, 2006.

Rikard Owenius, Anngelica Jarl, Uno Carlsson, Sandra Eaton and Per Hammarström
  GroEL-induced stretching of a substrate protein: An EPR/SDSL study in BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, vol 88, issue 1, pp 562A-562A

M Huber, Rikard Owenius, Per Hammarström, Lars-Göran Mårtensson and Uno Carlsson
  High-field (95 GHz) EPR on spin labels in human carbonic anhydrase II: Perspectives of pulsed and CW EPR
  Biophysical Journal, 2000.

Marie Osterlund, Rikard Owenius, Magdalena Svensson, M Lindgren, E Persson, Per-Ola Freskgård and Uno Carlsson
  Mapping local interactions and resolving association kinetics for a receptor-ligand system
  , 2000.


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